How Cloud Assess Supports RTOs in Addressing ASQA’s Risk Priorities

How Cloud Assess Supports RTOs in Addressing ASQA’s Risk Priorities

Australia’s Vocational Education and Training (VET) sector faces various challenges and risks in light of the Australian Skills Quality Authority’s (ASQA) risk priorities. ASQA is responsible for regulating the quality of education and training provided by Registered Training Organisations (RTOs). In this post, we’ll explore how Cloud Assess, the award-winning training and assessment solution, supports RTOs in addressing ASQA’s risk priorities.


8 RTO Support Solutions to ASQA’s Risk Priorities


1. Governance through Change

ASQA identifies the rapid changes in the VET sector as a risk and benefit. Cloud Assess recognises the importance of governance maturity for RTOs in responding to sector changes effectively. Our flexible training and assessment software is designed for practical learning. It offers a blended learning approach that adapts to the unique requirements of each provider. This flexibility enables RTOs to stay compliant and agile amid evolving regulations and industry priorities.


2. International Delivery

Ensuring the ethical treatment of international students is crucial for both ASQA and RTOs. Cloud Assess aids RTOs in delivering quality education to international students by offering a versatile platform that supports various modes of delivery. With our platform, RTOs can meet their obligations under the ESOS Act and National Code while providing accurate and transparent information to students.


3. VET Workforce Capability

Recruitment and retention of qualified trainers and assessors remain a challenge for the VET sector. Cloud Assess eases the administrative burden on trainers, enabling them to focus on teaching rather than paperwork. Our automated learner journey and integration with Student Management Systems (SMS) ensure a smoother experience for trainers, benefiting educators and learners.


4. Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL)

ASQA is concerned about non-rigorous RPL, particularly in high-risk industries. Cloud Assess supports RTOs in developing rigorous RPL kits that align with industry standards. By simplifying the RPL process and reducing overassessment, our platform helps maintain the integrity of qualifications granted through RPL.


5. Shortened Course Duration

Shortened course durations can pose a barrier to student progression and completion. ASQA emphasises the importance of training quality over cost efficiency. Cloud Assess assists RTOs in delivering efficient yet high-quality training by offering a platform that streamlines assessment processes. 

For example, the time frame between marking an assessment and a student receiving this is instant. They can then move on to the next assessment. This functionality supports an efficient learner journey, which subsequently improves lead times. However, the volume of learning is in line with the RTO’s Training and Assessment Strategy.


6. Online Delivery

Online delivery in the VET sector poses challenges–from support accessibility to cybersecurity risks. Cloud Assess offers a robust solution. Our platform aligns effortlessly with unit requirements, whether entirely online, face-to-face, or blended courses, ensuring ASQA compliance. 

Additionally, 1:1 messaging fosters remote student support. SCORM compliance enables diverse content integration. And stringent cybersecurity measures protect student data. These empower RTOs to deliver secure, high-quality online education.


7. Academic Integrity

Academic cheating threatens the integrity of VET qualifications. Cloud Assess integrates with Turnitin to ensure academic integrity. This feature helps RTOs maintain the credibility of their assessments and qualifications, fostering trust in the VET sector.


8. Student Work Placement

Work placements can be challenging for some students due to limited availability and support. Cloud Assess supports RTOs by providing reports on enrolments to ensure careful planning. 


The Cloud Assess Solution

Cloud Assess is committed to empowering RTOs in addressing ASQA’s risk priorities by providing a flexible, compliant, and user-friendly assessment and training solution. Our platform streamlines administrative tasks, enhances student support, and promotes integrity in the VET sector. By choosing Cloud Assess, RTOs can navigate the evolving landscape of the VET sector with confidence and efficiency.

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