10 Free Digital Marketing Courses for Beginners

10 Free Digital Marketing Courses for Beginners

In today’s virtual world, online digital marketing has become a staple in advertising and branding. Organisations deploy digital marketing tactics to keep their audience engaged with their brands, which is why teams need to stay up-to-date with the latest trends to stay relevant.

And remember, Digital Marketing isn’t just about influencers and selling products. Even training providers use digital marketing to attract prospective students. Everyone uses the internet to find solutions to their problems, so there’s definitely an opportunity for your business to grow.

Our free course library offers a variety of free courses for different industries, including digital marketing. These courses are ideal for beginners as you enhance your skills in the industry, and position yourself for growth.

Here are 10 of our best digital marketing courses for beginners:

1. Develop a Plan for Review of Digital Strategy Course

Digital marketing starts with a strategy. The planning stage is where you work with your team to determine the goals and target audience of your campaign. As the first step in the process, it is important to review your strategy as you plan it to ensure that all your information stays relevant and accurate to your objectives. This online digital marketing course will help you to identify relevant sources and procedures in planning your marketing campaign. You’ll learn to develop a plan, do keyword research, and review your methodology before getting your plans approved by the appropriate stakeholders. This course is a must-learn for beginners as it can hone digital marketing skills that will push you towards professional growth.


  • Identifying Relevant Policies, Procedures, and Objectives
  • Gathering Information
  • Developing a Review Methodology
  • Preparing the Review Plan
  • Seeking Approval from Relevant Stakeholders

Best for: Digital strategy teams, Content marketing teams, eCommerce managers, Digital marketing analysts, Business owners, Entrepreneurs
Cost: Free

2. Identify Suitable Social Media and Online Platforms Course

A large chunk of digital advertising is being able to connect with your audience. Depending on your target demographics, you may need to cross-post your advertisements throughout different social media platforms and websites. As part of the digital marketing team, you will need to identify suitable sites for your brand. This online digital marketing course will help you to navigate the trends in social media advertising, enabling you to determine the right type of social media platform your your business. You’ll learn how to stay updated with the latest trends and marketing strategies to boost the visibility of your business.


  • Factors Influencing Platform Selection
  • Identifying Platforms for Specific Business Needs
  • Ranking Suitable Platforms
  • Staying Updated on Platform Trends

Best for: Social media strategists, Digital marketing teams, Social media managers, PR specialists, Content specialists, Market analysts
Cost: Free

3. Identify Functions Provided by Social Media and Online Platforms Course

In line with identifying the right type of social media platform, you will need to learn the strategies in advertising on these sites. Not all posts will do well online, but leveraging functions provided by social media platforms can help improve the performance of your ads. Learn digital marketing trends with our free online course on leveraging functions provided by social media and online platforms to boost your brand. In this course, you’ll learn how to weigh the benefits and costs of social media functions as well as identify the platform functions most suitable for your organisation’s objectives.


  • Key Platform Functions for Organisations
  • Benefits, Costs, and Non-Beneficial Functions
  • Social Media Functions for Retail Businesses

Best for: Social media managers, Content strategists, Digital development teams, Product specialists, Copywriters, Community managers, Marketing teams
Cost: Free

4. Use Effective Work Habits Course

Showing initiative at work shows that you can do your tasks independently, provide your own ideas and innovate solutions to problems. These traits will help you grow as you progress through your career in digital marketing. Effective work habits can be factors for your manager to place you on important projects or promote you at work. This course on effective work habits will provide you with online digital marketing training for you to learn the skills you need to grow your career. Learn the code of conduct for the workplace, professionalism and how to show initiative at work so you can be a significant contributor to your team.


  • Acting Promptly on Instructions and Information
  • Code of Conduct
  • Showing Initiative at Work

Best for: Project leads, Team leads, Business analysts, Digital marketing teams, Social media teams, Content teams
Cost: Free

5. Strategic Thinking Course

One of the main digital marketing skills needed in any organisation is strategic thinking. Being able to strategise helps you to create effective marketing and advertising campaigns that translate to sales, which is why it is important to hone your strategic thinking skills. This digital marketing course will equip you with the skills to strategise plans and content effectively. Learn the ropes of developing your own strategy, the skills needed for creating marketing plans and the ways you can implement your campaigns for the best ROI. You’ll also learn to make decisions according to your organisation’s objectives.


  • Developing a Strategic Mindset
  • Analytical skills for Strategic Thinking
  • Strategic Decision-Making
  • Implementing Strategic Thinking

Best for: Startup founders, Entrepreneurs, Digital marketing strategists, Business development teams, Consultants, Marketing teams, Product specialists
Cost: Free

6. Goal Setting Course

As part of the digital marketing team in your organisation, you are working towards a specific goal with every campaign plan you implement. Your responsibility in the marketing team is to grow the business, but your goals have to provide a more specific objective. Goal setting enables you to keep your campaign goals aligned with the overall goal of the organisation, keeping your marketing plans relevant. This free digital marketing course on goal setting will provide you with techniques to set objectives, develop action plans and maintain morale as you overcome challenges in your workplace. This way you can set goals not only for your projects but also for yourself.


  • Setting Effective Goals
  • Goal-Setting Techniques
  • Developing an Action Plan
  • Maintaining Motivation and Overcoming Obstacles

Best for: Project manager, Sales teams, Digital marketing teams, Strategic campaigns marketing specialists, Performance marketing specialist, Content specialist
Cost: Free

7. Develop Product and Service Course

As a member of the digital marketing team, you need to advertise the products and services your organisation offers. You can’t create effective campaigns and deliver content without an understanding of your product or service! Understanding your products is crucial in search engine optimization, community engagement and content marketing. Our digital marketing specialist course on product and service development will help you interpret your products and services, updating your knowledge of your organisation’s offerings. You’ll be able to compare your products with those of your competitors and market specifically to your intended audience with better relevance.


  • Identifying and Accessing Information
  • Interpreting Product and Service Information
  • Comparing Products and Services
  • Updating Product and Service Knowledge

Best for: Product marketing specialists, eCommerce managers, Digital marketing teams, Content management teams, Social media marketing teams, Customer service representatives, Advertising specialists
Cost: Free

8. Analyse Sales Targets Course

Analysing your sales targets enables you and your team to make realistic predictions of your marketing standing compared to your peers. You can do this by analysing your target market, comparing it with your competitors and reviewing market health to find a realistic goal. Our library of online courses includes a free course on analysing sales targets so you can establish objectives for yourself and for your team. You’ll learn to monitor your progress, analyse consumer behaviour and market your products to reach a wider audience.


  • Understanding Sales Targets
  • Analysing Personal Sales Targets
  • Monitoring Progress and Analysing Customer Behaviour

Best for: Sales teams, Product specialists, Performance management specialists, Growth specialists, Digital marketing teams, eCommerce teams, Advertising analysts, Online sales managers, Conversion rate optimisation specialists
Cost: Free

9. Respond to Security Breaches Course

As you move your advertising into the digital environment, you will need to upkeep your security to ensure the safety of your business online. Preventing hacks and information leaks will make your organisation more reputable and trustworthy to your customers. Your response to security breaches in your organisation’s platforms also factors into your company’s reputation. Learn to identify and assess risky areas in your online security through our free online courses on responding to security breaches. You’ll find the proper response to hacks and leaks, as well as preventive measures you can take to ensure your organisation stays secure for the betterment of your and your customer’s information.


  • Introduction to Security Risks in Retail
  • Identifying and Assessing The Risks
  • Preventive Measures
  • Responding to Security Breaches

Best for: Cybersecurity analysts for digital marketing teams, Data privacy officers, eCommerce specialists, Social media managers, Digital marketing compliance officers
Cost: Free

10. Collect Review Information Course

Learn to collect, assess and review feedback from your customers to improve your brand. The feedback you get from your customers can help you create more effective marketing plans and content campaigns that connect with your intended audience. Whether you handle social media marketing, email marketing or online marketing, you can stay ahead of the competition by assessing customer feedback. This course on collecting review information will enable you to assess the feedback to consider among the reviews provided by your customers. You’ll learn to interpret the information provided and use it in your digital marketing campaigns to improve your reach. You’ll also learn to weed out reviews that have little bearing on your organisation and those that are irrelevant to your business.


  • Sourcing Relevant Information
  • Organising and Interpreting Collected Information
  • Discussing Issues with Information Interpretation
  • Organising Interpreted Review Information for Analysis

Best for: Customer insights team, PR manager, Market research analysts, Content strategists, Digital marketing teams, Content writing teams.
Cost: Free

Other Digital & Marketing Courses

You can also browse our complete Course Library to find many more free training and assessment opportunities.

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