Cloud Assess Revolutionises Professional Development: 1000+ Free Courses Unveiled

Cloud Assess Revolutionises Professional Development: 1000+ Free Courses Unveiled

Cloud Assess, a leading provider of digital training and assessment solutions for workplace skills, launched an initiative to meet the professional development needs of trainers and assessors. With a commitment to delivering high-quality, budget-friendly training, Cloud Assess will be introducing over 1,000 Free Workplace Training Courses, empowering educators to upskill, align with Australian Skills Quality Authority requirements, and foster continuous learning with ease.

Empowering Trainers and Assessors

The full Cloud Assess Course Library stands as a rich resource of eLearning courses, featuring practical and knowledge assessments accessible from any device. Geared towards supporting continuous learning, addressing skills gaps, and nurturing talent growth, trainers and assessors gain access to a wealth of content. Business Trainer, Jennifer Volke from ITFE, commends the courses, stating, “The courses are easy to navigate, have good information and are a quick way to achieve PD.”

Facilitating Continuous Learning

Designed for the Vocational Education and Training sector and workplace skills development, Cloud Assess provides trainers and assessors with an easily accessible, user-friendly library of continuously expanding courses. The platform allows seamless importation of courses into user accounts, streamlining participation and assessment processes.

Free, Accessible, and Efficient

Learners and assessors with a free account gain lifetime access to comprehensive content, filterable by industry, skill, or difficulty level. Businesses can enhance their training processes by importing courses into Cloud Assess with just one click, ensuring centralised accessibility. The platform offers free training content without hidden costs, automated Quiz assessments, and custom resource requests. Premium accounts are available for advanced features.

Rob Bright, Founder of Cloud Assess states, “We understand the ongoing need for trainers and assessors to invest in their professional development to ensure the currency and competency of skills. This, in turn, contributes to the training provided to workforces, ensuring safety and efficiency. Recognising that off-the-shelf courses can be cost-prohibitive and creating in-house content is time-consuming, we’re taking on the heavy lifting to make Professional Development accessible to everyone.”

Embark on Your Professional Development Journey with One Click!

Cloud Assess invites trainers, assessors, and educators to explore the free professional development courses available in a tailor-made library. Whether an individual learner, team leader, or educator, Cloud Assess is dedicated to unlocking learning possibilities for everyone. Each free course takes 30 to 60 minutes and concludes with a self-paced quiz to encourage learners to revisit the material and reaffirm learned skills. Designed with practical and knowledge assessments, accessible from any device, these additional resources support the ongoing assessment of skills and competency.

Take the first step in transforming your professional journey. Explore the free courses now at Cloud Assess to unlock a world of learning possibilities.

Deliver Your Skills Training Without Compromise

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