Corporate eLearning Unlocks a World of Possibilities

Corporate eLearning Unlocks a World of Possibilities

We live in a corporate world that is moving quickly, changing constantly, and commanding our attention in every direction. We’ve got to adapt our systems to keep up and deliver information effectively, including our methods of teaching and training in the post-pandemic corporate environment to achieve business results. It’s never been more important to keep a skilled workforce.

Enter Corporate eLearning!

What’s Corporate Learning / eLearning?

eLearning itself is the act of information retention, skill development, and training awareness achieved by virtual means. These objectives are delivered by a remote teacher or instructional designers in tandem with digital technology.

In the case of corporate eLearning, it’s online learning for business that relates to the skill required for a job. The beauty of it is, that it can be delivered anywhere and at anytime…no more fights for the boardroom!

The content can be interactive, featuring interactive content, assignments, and even games. In the age of the internet and Covid-19, it was only a matter of time before the virtual world and all it’s perks picked up momentum (900% growth since 2001 to be exact) – it’s certainly better than the old whiteboard.

Mediums of Delivery for Corporate eLearning programs

eLearning is often a blend of platforms, software, apps, and methodologies. Sometimes the blend includes physical learning as well, and sometimes it’s a variety of strictly virtual mediums working together to inform and support an employee in carrying out their job.

Common vehicles to deliver corporate eLearning include:

  • Electronic video media: conferences/Zooms, lectures, workshops, live streams, webinars, training tutorials
  • Audio: CDs, audiobooks
  • Static pages/files/sites
  • Live chats
  • Online courses
  • Quizzes
  • eBooks
  • Social media (like YouTube)
  • Product pages
  • Micro-learning (like TikTok).

There are endless possibilities in the online scape.

Why do Learners and/or Employees Like Corporate Training Online?

Learners who are also working love eLearning as it fits around their other commitments. eLearning brings with it the benefit of self-paced learning. If the learning is not urgent and can be fitted in, then eLearning is definitely the way to go.

The following represent some of the key benefits that corporate eLearning brings:


Gamification is a trend that is on the rise in the learning world. Who doesn’t love a good game and a little friendly competition? The data shows (right from the mouth of 80% of employees themselves) that turning learning and work roles into achievement-based games significantly increases their productivity and morale at work. The results echo this.

Versatile Learning

Everyone learns differently, whether auditorily, visually, or kinetically – or a mixture. An employee’s rate of retention depends on the compatibility of the teaching style with their learning style or the amount of flexibility offered. Offering the corporate curriculum in a variety of versions (subtitles, exercises, audio versions, language translation software, etc) renders the experience more accessible and valuable.

What’s typically a retention rate of 8-10% for physical office learning, becomes 25-60% absorption of material in half the time in a virtual setting.

Overcoming the Shyness Factor

It’s no surprise that office “introverts” enjoy remote teaching a lot better. It’s often less intimidating to engage in group discourse while behind a screen. They deserve this moment to shine.

Flexible Scheduling

One of the greatest perks of corporate eLearning is flexibility. The content can be accessed (and re-accessed) at any time. There’s no sacrificing slower learners for the sake of the group or physical disruption delays (shuffling papers, guest speakers getting material ready, setting up projectors, etc) because the material is efficiently edited down and readily available. The average adult has an attention span of 8 seconds; that’s literally worse than that of a goldfish, so having customized timing can make all the difference.

One can go back and re-read anything they need, as much as they need, whenever. Being self-paced proves to be much more productive for retention rates. Plus there’s no commute.

Appeal for Teachers/Employers

Leading from home has been a massive adjustment for teachers and employers alike. Despite this, it’s proved to be incredibly rewarding and enjoyable.

Not only is training time decreased by almost half, but costs are cut by 70%. It’s estimated that companies that use eLearning to conduct training and everyday work will see a 42% revenue increase. Each employee would be increasing individual revenue by 26% as well. Corporations save big bucks – not to mention reduced costs for training travel, guest speakers, etc.

Benefits Shared by Everyone

Both parties can enjoy some corporate eLearning perks.

Streamlined Resources

Employers and employees can access and submit things in a centralized online location, like Cloud Assess, for optimal organization and tracking.


In order to grow, you need the ability to do things quickly and efficiently and that includes training material your staff can access quickly. Its more cost-effective to upskill and train your employees than to keep recruiting new employees. With a great training process your team will work in line with your brand promise and your business is set for success.


Working remotely has allowed countries like Australia to avoid the mass devastation that Covid brought with it to other countries. Not only that, but if people are learning anywhere, anytime, there is less of a need to commute and less traffic polluting the roads and atmosphere. eLearning will likely continue to be a prominent fixture of society even in a post-Covid world (because we’ve come to love it so much!).


The ability to work from anywhere is great from a remote worksite point of view too. For example, some companies need to work where there is no internet out at sea or down in the mines or even in rural areas. Using a mobile learning platform like Cloud Assess, you can check out your learning material and access it without the internet.

Continued Learning

The exploration of knowledge is the natural result of a healthy learning environment. The internet is our oyster when it comes to staying current. There are a plethora of webinars and free content out there to keep us polishing up our skills as instructional designers and our imagines buzzing as employees.

At the end of the day, everyone wins. Both parties save time, money, and paper! eLearning is secure, flexible, and convenient, making employees much more likely to stick around.

Corporate eLearning Served Up

Having a user-friendly online dashboard that allows all digital teaching features in one tidy place, for easy access, can make all the difference. Cloud Assess is a powerful solution to elevate efficiency and corporate growth.

With advanced LMS features such as:

  • Online Training
  • Online Assessment
  • Dashboards
  • eLearning
  • Discussions
  • 1:1 Messaging
  • Automation
  • And automarking

The employee experience on Cloud Assess becomes something so immersive, while the teaching/leadership experience becomes so much easier!

Check out Cloud Assess here and get with the program, literally!

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