10 Best Corporate Induction Courses

10 Best Corporate Induction Courses

Effective induction training for corporate work starts here. With our curated list of new employee induction training courses, you can prepare staff for corporate employment at NO added cost. An effective induction process doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive. Ensure new hires can fulfil the responsibilities of their job role without a hitch. They can take these courses for free, both online and face-to-face.

1. Attention to Detail Course

A corporate job generally requires a high level of attention to detail. Though you’ve probably hired a candidate with exceptional attention to detail skills already, you can further ensure they have the skills required by enrolling them on this free induction training course. Prepare new staff for their first job in a corporate environment and increase the chances of them being productive with the Attention to Detail Course. Include it as the first step in their induction programme and allow them to learn the benefits of using attention to detail in their daily work.


  • Understanding Cognitive Processes
  • Perception and Observation Skills
  • Attention to Detail in Communication
  • Attention to Detail in Problem-Solving

Best for: New employees in finance, design, or legal teams
Cost: Free

2. Time Management Course

For those who are new to the corporate world, it’s easy to lose track of time. After all, there are so many things to learn in the first few weeks. Your new recruits might get overwhelmed and feel as if there’s not enough time in the workday to learn everything. One way you can solve this issue and even prevent it from happening is to enrol them on this free staff induction training course. Include it as the second step in their induction programme and help your new employees manage their time wisely.


  • How to Track Your Time
  • How to Analyse Your Time
  • How to Prioritise Tasks
  • How to Create a Schedule

Best for: New staff who keep needing to take overtime to get the job done
Cost: Free

3. Presentation Skills Course

Though it’s likely that your new team members have presented to a group of people at some point in their education, presentations in corporate settings require more finesse since they have such a high impact on team or departmental decisions. While this course was built for leaders, even entry-level corporate workers might be asked to present in front of their peers or superiors. To remove any anxiety your new recruit might have with public speaking, enrol them on this free staff induction training course. Include it as the third step in their induction programme.


  • Crafting Persuasive Messages
  • Developing Leadership Presence
  • Engaging Through Storytelling
  • Evaluation and Continuous Improvement

Best for: New staff who struggle with public speaking or have an upcoming presentation soon
Cost: Free

4. Decision Making Course

All decisions, whether big or small, have consequences. In a corporate environment, consequences aren’t just limited to an individual but affect the organisation as a whole. Whether these consequences are good or bad depends on the quality of decision-making. For new employees who aren’t as familiar with the organisation or industry, decision-making can be intimidating. But if you enrol them on this free staff induction training course, they can be more confident in making good decisions. Include it as the fourth step in their induction programme and be at ease whenever new staff make decisions.


  • The Decision-Making Process
  • Decision-Making Models and Frameworks
  • Biases and Pitfalls in Decision-Making
  • Enhancing Decision-Making Skills

Best for: New employees in middle to upper management positions
Cost: Free

5. Strategic Thinking Course

How can you prepare a new staff member for long-term employment in the organisation? The answer: the Strategic Thinking Course. This free corporate induction training course will help your new employee think ahead and see the whole process. Include it as the fifth step in their induction programme and allow them to develop a strategic mindset. Since strategic thinking can enable them to view their own work as part of a greater endeavour, they might also become more productive, motivated, and/or engaged.


  • Developing a Strategic Mindset
  • Analytical Skills for Strategic Thinking
  • Strategic Decision Making
  • Implementing Strategic Thinking

Best for: Recently hired employees with leadership potential
Cost: Free

6. Innovation Course

Having a new member in your team has many benefits. One key benefit is getting a fresh perspective on your team’s process and other business procedures. But to turn this benefit into a palpable advantage, you have to train the new team members on innovation so that they make the most helpful recommendations possible. Include the Innovation Course as the sixth step in their induction programme. This free online short course is also great for leaders since it provides a range of tips for creating a culture of innovation within the organisation.


  • Definition and Importance of Innovation
  • Four Main Types of Innovation
  • How to Create Innovation Within the Organisation
  • Creating a Culture of Innovation

Best for: Recently hired team leaders in a corporate environment
Cost: Free

7. Chain of Command Course

For employees who came from a non-corporate setting and have switched to a new profession in a corporate setting, adjusting to a corporate hierarchy can be daunting. However, if you enrol those new starters on this free corporate induction training course, they’ll have an easier time following the chain of command. Include it as the seventh step in their induction programme. This free course can also help corporate entrepreneurs in establishing a chain of command for the organisation’s new business.


  • Chain of Command Definition and Importance
  • Four Common Organisational Structures
  • Chain of Command Advantages and Disadvantages
  • How to Establish a Chain of Command

Best for: Workers who are new to corporate employment
Cost: Free

8. Project Management Basic Course

While employers might not assign a full-on project to new starters on their first day, employees in a fast-paced corporate environment will need to manage their own projects eventually. That’s why it’s important that employers give them basic project management training early on. If you’re in charge of training employees, include this free course as the eighth step in their induction programme. There are benefits to learning project management for almost every job role in a corporate setting. Prepare employees for their future in the company by enrolling them on this free induction training course.


  • Five Key Elements and Five Phases of a Project
  • Roles and Responsibilities of a Project Manager
  • Communication and Stakeholder Management
  • Project Management Methodologies and Frameworks

Best for: New starters in job roles that could eventually require project management skills
Cost: Free

9. Introduction to GDPR Course

GDPR is an essential feature of cyber security. Businesses with customers in the EU or UK are legally required to comply with EU GDPR and UK GDPR respectively. While this free employee training course is focused on EU GDPR, the key information still likely applies to those who only need to follow UK GDPR. Those who need to follow the Australian Privacy Act can also use this course as a supplement to more AU-specific training. If you’re under EU GDPR and your recently hired staff don’t know anything about it, include this as the ninth step in their induction programme.


  • Introduction to the GDPR
  • GDPR Roles and Responsibilities
  • Principles and Rights of Data Subjects
  • Consequence of Non-Compliance

Best for: Recently hired staff without any knowledge of GDPR
Cost: Free

10. Advanced GDPR Course

With the basics covered in the Introduction to GDPR Course, the Advanced GDPR Course further discusses the legal aspects of data processing. This free induction training course also has knowledge surrounding cross-border data transfers, which are especially relevant to multinational corporations. If your recently hired staff already know the most important information related to EU GDPR, you can continue their data protection training by enrolling them on this course for free. Include it as the tenth step in their induction programme.


  • Legal Aspects of Processing Personal Data
  • Cross-Border Data Transfers
  • Data Protection by Design and Default
  • Data Breach Management

Best for: Recently hired staff with basic GDPR knowledge
Cost: Free

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