How to Use Technology to Create and Conduct Stand Out Online Assessments

How to Use Technology to Create and Conduct Stand Out Online Assessments

Creating online assessments for use for both face-to-face and remote assessment is easier than you think! However, ensuring your students have the best experience possible is no mean feat.

Here are the latest things you can do to make sure you are creating and conducting stand-out online assessments that provide the best student experience:

Make It Intuitive

Selecting an Online Assessment solution with a fit-for-purpose interface that is student-centric is key. It means they can navigate quickly and easily without confusion from unnecessary features or functionality. As a bonus, this also makes it easier for assessors to easily create interactive and engaging assessment content.

The Cloud Assess Learner App was designed with VET students at the forefront to create the best possible experience for your learners. From the moment your learners log in, they will clearly see progress and priorities, with actionable tasks 1 click away. The intuitive interface means you can keep your learners on track with little distraction. They can effortlessly navigate from the dashboard to their course and get going quickly.

Make It Accessible

Accessibility is so important as your students want things now! Therefore, software should be accessible on all browsers and with every device. With Cloud Assess, your students can access their records at any time and anywhere, even when travelling. There is no need for them to carry around paperwork as everything is accessed and stored in the cloud.

If your learners don’t have reception, it’s not a problem! You can use the iOS app to work without the need for the internet. You can also check out the files you want and sync back when you are in range to support work in remote areas.

Make Gathering Evidence Easy

When it comes to gathering evidence you want the process of recording, saving and retaining to be seamless. Cloud Assess forms and digital assessments allow students to effortlessly capture evidence live, whilst in their assessment record, and not worry about losing any files as it is all stored safely and securely in the cloud.

In addition, you can effortlessly engage Other Parties in providing supplementary evidence.

Whether they work remotely, in class or in the workplace, you can effortlessly gather knowledge and performance evidence through your contextualised assessments.

Support, Support and More Support!

In a recent ASQA webinar it was stated that most of the complaints received from students about their assessments were around the area of Support. This issue was highlighted by the mass adoption of online and distance learning last year due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The first step is making sure there is an open line of communication with students about their assessments. Some examples include:

  • Making sure assessment dates, times and locations are clearly communicated and easy to find. This can be done with the use of a Training and Assessment Calendar
  • Keep in touch with your students using Messaging. This allows your learners to have a direct line of communication with you, while also retaining all messages for audit and being available for trainers, assessors and learners when needed
  • Set up workflows that notify students of when assessments have been released, due dates, when assessments are marked and even send out links to surveys when required.

Ensuring the technology you use is a fit-for-purpose solution will have a great impact on the quality of the student experience as they will be able to easily access it and navigate around, submit evidence, and contact you when required.

Happy assessing!

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