Driving even more efficiencies for your RTO with online assessment

Driving even more efficiencies for your RTO with online assessment

Whether you are a first time user of Cloud Assess or you work in an RTO that has been using the online assessment platform for years, you may not be aware of some of the great tools that can help you become even more productive. Cloud Assess is built to help you spend less time on admin and more time on training, assessing and analysing. Check out the points below that we recommend utilising:

Get into Workflow

A workflow is an automated action based on an event. You might want to always send out an email to your students when you have marked their assessment or you may want to send out reminders based on due dates for assessments. All of this can be automated so that reminders are never forgotten and communication is consistent. Whether it is communication, uploads, downloads, creating new attempts and so on, simply create the workflows when you set up your assessments.

Utilise Forms

Cloud Assess Forms is a feature that allows you to capture and analyse information whenever you need it. What is extra cool about Cloud Assess Forms is that recipients MUST enter all required details before they can submit the form, you cannot lose that data as it goes straight into your app and online forms avoid any extra data entry for you or your team. Forms can be used to obtain customer feedback, enrolment and complaints. Designing forms has never been easier with the form builder and recipients don’t even have to type, they can use dictation and utilise the sketch pad if required.

Have you tried Mapping in Cloud Assess yet?

Building mapping into your assessments will save you time and help you run a streamlined, compliant process. Assessment mapping helps you to quickly identify any gaps or over assessing in your process. Mapping criteria is downloaded from Training.gov.au and you can map your assessments to each unit’s criteria. Go on, give it a try!

Integrate your Student Management System (SMS)

Cloud Assess provides free integration with a range of SMS’s including aXcelerate, Wisenet, JobReady, VETtrak, Powerpro and Ish. Your enrolments can be automatically transferred to Cloud Assess and results can be transferred from Cloud Assess to your SMS. If you have a different Student Management System or need any training in integration, contact your account manager today or email info@cloudassess.co

Check in regularly

As Cloud Assess is constantly evolving to meet your needs in we recommend checking in regularly. You may want to attend a webinar, watch videos in the Help Centre or suggest any features or improvements, as they are always taken on board. You can even book in regular time with your account manager. If you have any technical questions your response will be handled immediately through the instant messaging service within your app.

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