10 Free Courses for Ecommerce Business

10 Free Courses for Ecommerce Business

E-commerce is a growing industry valued at $6.3 trillion in 2023. In the next few years, we can expect retail businesses to increasingly shift online, entering the E-commerce industry to offer their goods and services. Despite its popularity, E-commerce is still a relatively new landscape for businesses. The abundance of platforms, evolving sales strategies and different audiences can cause confusion for business owners and marketing teams as they shift online. Our free courses for E-commerce business teams will help you establish a successful e-commerce business. Here are 10 free e-commerce e-commerce can take to jumpstart your business online:

1. Develop a Plan for Review of Digital Strategy Course

Planning is always the first stage in any new venture and while shifting to e-commerce may be as simple as signing up on an e-commerce platform, you may not get as much traction as you hoped for without proper planning. Before you list your business online, you need to start with creating a digital strategy. This will keep you on track to achieve specific objectives and improve your online presence once you launch your e-commerce pe-commerce Remember that your consumers have access to thousands of organisations like yours that have shifted online. Stay ahead of your competitors through our free course on developing a digital strategy for a successful e-commerce business. Learn how to identify relevant objectives, review your plans and gain approval from stakeholders.


  • Identifying Relevant Policies, Procedures, and Objectives
  • Gathering Information
  • Developing a Review Methodology
  • Preparing the Review Plan
  • Seeking Approval from Relevant Stakeholders

Best for: E-commerce managers, Online product specialists, Digital marketing specialists for E-commerce, Key accounts managers, CRO specialists, E-commerce business analysts
Cost: Free

2. Evaluate E-commerce Models Course

E-commerce is a blanket term for different buying and selling activities online. There are multiple e-commerce models an online business can consider, each with different online advertising strategies, target audiences and user interface. It is important to identify the type of e-commerce model that applies to the nature of your business and your objectives. Our free e-commerce courses include a module on evaluating appropriate e-commerce models. In this course, you’ll learn the different online business models and their cost implications so you can develop a strategy that works best for your organisation.


  • E-commerce Models: A Comprehensive Analysis
  • Applicability to Your Organisation
  • Ranking Compatible E-commerce Models
  • Resourcing, Technical, and Security Requirements
  • Cost Implications
  • Determining the Most Appropriate E-commerce Model

Best for: E-commerce strategists, E-commerce specialists, Business owners, E-commerce business analysts, Online marketing specialists, Account managers, Operations managers
Cost: Free

3. Design an E-commerce Strategy Course

Designing an e-commerce strategy is slightly different from traditional strategy planning. With an e-commerce business, you’re competing with hundreds and thousands of other information online that most consumers can’t process. You need to make your e-commerce business stand out through search engine optimization and by improving user experience. Our free online courses include a module on designing an e-commerce strategy in today’s digital age. Learn how to enter the e-commerce business world with updated digital marketing strategies and campaigns that will keep you engaged with your target audience.


  • Formulating Purpose, Objectives, and Values for E-commerce
  • Identifying Target Market and Value Chain Structure
  • Identifying Technical Needs and Expertise
  • Managing Transition to E-commerce and Addressing Cultural Issues

Best for: E-commerce managers, Digital marketing teams, Product managers, Online merchandising specialists, Content planning teams, SEO strategists
Cost: Free

4. Cross-selling Course

Most E-commerce platforms would handle the cross-selling for you in the form of their personalised algorithms. However, it is important to identify opportunities to cross-sell and upsell your customers to increase your sales and customer loyalty to your e-commerce business. This free course on cross-selling will hone your e-commerce skills as you grow your business. You’ll learn effective strategies to create personalised product recommendations while improving your rapport with your customers. This way, you can draw more traffic to your e-commerce website and boost your sales at the same time.


  • Identifying Cross-Selling Opportunities
  • Effective Cross-Selling Strategies
  • Creating Personalised Cross-Selling Recommendations
  • Enhancing Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty

Best for: Sales teams, Product managers, Digital marketers, E-commerce business analysts, Customer relationship managers, Online merchandising specialists
Cost: Free

5. Identify Functions Provided by Social Media and Online Platforms Course

Social media can be a powerful tool when it comes to the online business world. A successful business would have a strong but relatable social media strategy that reaches out to their consumers and many social media platforms offer a variety of functions that can boost your ranking in their algorithms. Learn to navigate different functions provided by social media and other online sites in this e-commerce course. From simple advertisements to web development, find out how these tools can help your business grow. Learn the basics of social media marketing, its costs and the non-beneficial functions to avoid.


  • Key Platform Functions for Organisations
  • Benefits, Costs, and Non-Beneficial Functions

Best for: Social media manager, Digital marketing manager, Social media strategist, Content marketing manager, Digital strategist, Community manager
Cost: Free

6. Engage the Customer Course

Even though your business transactions are done fully online, you will still need to brush up your customer engagement skills. This will enable you to communicate with your target audience better, which makes them more likely to buy from your store. In this free online course, you’ll learn the techniques to create positive first impressions with your customers and continue communications through verbal and non-verbal means. You’ll be able to advance your e-commerce career in customer service and provide a pleasant shopping experience for all your customers.


  • Creating Positive First Impressions
  • Why is Effective Communication Important in Retail?
  • Verbal Communication Techniques
  • Non-verbal Communication Techniques
  • Inclusive and Adaptive Communication in Retail

Best for: E-commerce manager, Online store manager, Customer support specialist, E-commerce merchandiser, Marketing manager, Customer experience manager
Cost: Free

7. Develop Product and Service Knowledge Course

Marketing your products and services online can be tricky, especially as consumers don’t have access to physically inspect and test your offers. You will need to develop product and service knowledge for the e-commerce side of your business to effectively market your products to the online crowd. This free course on developing your product and service knowledge will help you achieve better web traffic towards your products. You’ll be able to optimise your product descriptions and provide full information about the products or services you offer. You’ll learn to interpret product information, update them to current trends and provide enhanced customer service.


  • Identifying and Accessing Information
  • Interpreting Product and Service Information
  • Comparing Products and Services
  • Updating Product and Service Knowledge

Best for: E-commerce manager, Content marketer, SEO specialist, Online store manager, Product specialist, Customer service representative, E-commerce merchandiser, Marketing manager.
Cost: Free

8. Collect Review Information Course

Collecting reviews is one way for e-commerce sellers to get feedback from their customers about their products or services. These reviews offer insights into areas of improvement and any potential issues with the business, so it is important to study customer feedback properly. However, not all feedback is insightful or helpful to the company. You’ll need to know how to distinguish legitimate reviews from those that have less bearing on your business. Our course on collecting review information will equip you with the skills you need to interpret the feedback you get from clients. You’ll learn to organise information, discuss these with your team and rectify any potential issues you can find based on these reviews.


  • Sourcing Relevant Information
  • Organising and Interpreting Collected Information
  • Discussing Issues with Information Interpretation
  • Organising Interpreted Review Information for Analysis

Best for: Online store manager, Customer feedback analyst, Product reviews coordinator, E-commerce marketing specialist, Customer experience manager
Cost: Free

9. Analyse Sales Targets Course

Most online selling platforms come with data analytics features that can help you determine your sales targets for a specific period. However, it is essential to understand how these numbers add up. Analysing your sales targets will give you an objective to aim for and enable you to monitor your progress when it comes to selling your products and services. Our course on analysing sales targets will help you understand the appropriate and realistic sales goals for your business. You’ll be able to come up with your own sales targets based on your business objectives, monitor the sales performance of your team and evaluate customer behaviour to come up with an effective sales strategy.


  • Understanding Sales Targets
  • Analysing Personal Sales Targets
  • Monitoring Progress and Analysing Customer Behaviour

Best for: E-commerce sales teams, Online store manager, Sales analyst, E-commerce marketing manager, Sales operations specialist, E-commerce business analyst
Cost: Free

10. Analyse Opportunities for E-commerce Course

Like any new business venture, it is important to determine whether your business is ready to shift online. Analyse the opportunities you may have in the e-commerce industry and evaluate whether your business can thrive amidst the competitors and emerging trends. Our course on analysing e-commerce opportunities will help you identify when your business is ready to venture into e-commerce. You’ll learn to analyse the competitive landscape, identify pros and cons, do a cost-revenue analysis and address the legal implications of doing business online.


  • Competitive Analysis and Emerging Trends
  • Value Chain Analysis and E-Commerce Integration
  • Identifying Threats and Opportunities
  • Resource Analysis and Cost-Revenue Implications
  • Addressing Legal and Ethical Considerations

Best for: E-commerce strategists, Online store managers, Business owners, Market research analysts for E-commerce, Business analysts, Digital marketers
Cost: Free

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