Effectively Engage Other Parties in Your Learner Journey

Effectively Engage Other Parties in Your Learner Journey

Managing Other Parties – also known as, aThird Party – and their involvement in your Learner Journey can be tricky as you might have documents and evidence flying at you from all angles or sensitive records being emailed to parents for their review. Before you know it, you are in a mess.

We wanted to make it easy for RTOs to both gather supplementary evidence from third parties, ie a workplace supervisor AND allow RTOs to provide safe and secure access to their associated Learner’s progress, ie to parents. The flexible nature of these features offers RTOs a stack of benefits as outlined below:

Learner Journey

Here are 5 ways Cloud Assess Third Party Features Help

1. Easily Collaborate

When required to work with other parties outside your RTO you can offer secure access to your online training and assessment system without compromising your processes. Collaborate with Teachers, Parents, Workplace Supervisors or Managers the way you want.

For example, your 3rd parties may only need to view status/progression of their associated Learner and therefore Read or access the Summary View. On the other hand, they may need to submit supplementary evidence and therefore, participate in your assessment process. They may also require access to be able to both Participate and Read.

An example of this is outlined below:

A school requires parents to sign off permission requests and monitor the progress of their children. Using a Permission Request Form associated with a Learner and the Third Party Summary can be effectively administered giving you compliance peace of mind.

2. Drive Efficiencies

No longer waste time collating reports for parents or creating workarounds for 3rd parties to submit supplementary evidence. You can effortlessly provide your 3rd Parties with their own logins and the system does the rest for you. Everyone looks at the right information in real-time.

3. Gain Transparency and Control

In the context of sharing Learner progression with parents or managers, having a system that presents the right information in the most secure way possible gives them the transparency and you the control.

4. Monitor and Report with Ease and Discretion

The Summary gives you the option to restrict the access of your assigned 3rd Party to a high-level view, rather than allowing them top-down access to view all student records.

This means you can easily provide a compliant overview to your stakeholders without having to spend time populating a progress report on each learner.

5. Support Competency Judgements

Working with 3rd Parties can often be quite cumbersome as you need to get the right information together to share or receive. In order to use it as supplementary evidence you need to ensure it is authentic and valid meaning you require checks and balances along the way.

What are the directives for engaging other parties?

ASQA states,

It is common to use another party for evidence-gathering in cases where workplace evidence is required, but where it is not possible for the assessor to directly observe the learner at work. For example:

  • in cases where the presence of an observer may compromise workplace safety, or
  • where work activities involve issues of patient confidentially and privacy

Using 3rd parties is also a great way to gather, “everyday performance” rather than performance carried out as part of the formal assessment process.

Cloud Assess supports the use of supplementary evidence with features like unique logins for each 3rd Party, Log Books for Learners to maintain a diary of evidence collection, Forms that can include electronic signature pads and more.

The flexible nature of these features is supported with extra controls and measures such as, when a workplace report is submitted by a 3rd party, it goes straight to the Assessor to use as supplementary evidence, rather than award a competency judgement.

Adam Murphy, Kool Kids Training Academy states, “Cloud Assess 3rd Party Features have really helped us manage 3rd party engagement in a steam-lined and efficient way. The latest update gives us control over how we share information with our learner’s stakeholders.”

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