Embrace change in VET – ACPET 2018

Embrace change in VET – ACPET 2018

On the morning of the annual ACPET conference people from higher education unite to share in the insights from thought leaders within the Vocational Education and Training sector as well as those from government, technology companies, consulting firms and universities.

One resounding remark from the Chairman, Bruce Callaghan’s, address is how those in this industry need to remain agile and informed. He states, “What has remained constant in the past few years is change…We can only expect that this will continue. The most effective way to manage and cope is to be informed.”

The biggest change for Registered Training Organisations has been around the new audit model and funding changes.

1. ASQA’s updated compliance model

Read this blog about the new Student Centred Audit Approach and how it affects your RTO.

Quality has also become a “buzz” word as Quality VET Outcomes has been illustrated recently as a responsibility from all parts of the Vocational Education and Training sector as shown in the below image. ASQA Compliance quality measures are referred to in the recent Training Provider Briefing 2018.

Change in VET

2. Raising the Profile of VET

There are positives to the amount of change that the sector is seeing. For example, the profile of Vocational Education is being raised, showcasing that there is little difference in salary for those graduating with a diploma and becoming a skilled worker, to those graduating with a degree. Read more in this article.

3. Technology as an opportunity for better student experiences

In essence, the mood should be one of celebration and enthusiasm as we are at the most exciting time for advances in technology and communication which will only provide positive and enriched learning experiences for the student. Read more about embracing advances in technology in this blog.

Find below a slide from Joe Newbury’s talk about Online Assessment at the National VET Conference 2018. Online Assessment is supporting Compliance efforts within RTOs as well as driving efficiencies and enriching experiences.

joe newbury online assessment 1-01

Some facts about the education industry in the ACPET National Chair’s press release:

  • Education is one of Australia’s largest industries.
  • It is our largest service export industry, and 3rd largest overall.
  • Australia is the world’s third most popular location for students (behind the US and UK).
  • Domestically private providers deliver the majority of VET.

It’s time to embrace change and let all parts of the VET sector shine!

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