10 Best Forklift Training Courses in the UK

10 Best Forklift Training Courses in the UK

Becoming a forklift operator is a great way to enter the warehousing and logistics industry. You’ll get to learn the principles of warehousing that could unlock future opportunities within the industry.

What’s more, many UK-based courses are eligible for government funding, meaning you can obtain your forklift licence free of charge. Many training institutions also provide placement support, securing job interviews or opportunities for you.

Whether you’re looking for an introduction to the topic, a forklift training safety course, or a comprehensive licensing course, here are ten viable options to get a start as a forklift operator.

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1. Forklift Safety Training Course

Course Provider: Cloud Assess

Location: Online

Cloud Assess Free Forklift Training Course

Forklifts are undoubtedly dangerous machinery, and workplace accidents do happen. Therefore, safety is arguably the most important aspect of learning how to operate a forklift. This short forklift training course focuses on the safety aspects of operation and maintenance. The course lasts for under an hour and covers various important topics.


  • Forklift hazards and risk mitigation
  • Pre-operational checks
  • Safe operating techniques
  • Maintenance and repair procedures

Best for: Forklift Operators, safety officers, site managers, site supervisors.

Cost: Free

2. Wallace Forklift Training

Course Provider: Wallace Forklift Training

Location: London

Wallace Forklift Training course

Wallace Forklift Training offers three separate forklift operator certificate courses. These are for the counterbalance forklift, the flexi / bendi forklift, and the reach forklift. Combinations of these courses can be taken together, and refresher training is on offer as well.


  • Racking, stillages, and pallets
  • Diverse loads, including unbalanced and 1-tonne loads
  • Chicane, turning, and reversing in narrow aisle exercises
  • Practical operation

Best for: Prospective forklift operators, highschool graduates.

Cost: £185 for refresher training per certificate, £895 for new certificates for all three forklift types.

3. OSHA Forklift Basic Safety

Course Provider: OSHA Academy

Location: Online

OSHA Academy forklift training course on safety

Another crucially important forklift safety course brought to you by OSHA Academy. This basic safety course includes a variety of topics to boost your forklift operator’s safety awareness, including principles of physics and operator safety rules.


  • Common types of forklift injuries
  • Forklift safety features
  • Basic load-lifting principles
  • Forklift pre-inspection

Best for: Forklift operators, site supervisors, safety officers.

Cost: Free

4. Telford College Forklift Licence

Course Provider: Telford College

Location: Telford

Telford College forklift training course in Telford, UK

Telford College offers a forklift licence with additional value, with sub-topics that can contribute to a more effective workforce. Presented in the Telford area, this licence will qualify you to drive forklifts, as well as secure a job interview from a prospective employer in your area. Basic requirements are entry level 3 in Maths and English.


  • Forklift qualification
  • Certificate in Customer Service
  • Certificate in Warehousing
  • Certificate in Lean Management

Best for: Prospective forklift operators, highschool graduates.

Cost: Free (Government funded – conditions apply)

5. Counterbalance Forklift Truck Licence

Course Provider: Kent Forklift Training

Location: Kent

Counterbalance forklift training course in Kent, UK

Kent Forklift Training offers a solid training program for inexperienced employees who have never operated a forklift. There are also refresher and conversion training options to this course. This program follows strict health and safety standards, and covers various training modules.


  • Operator safety and observation
  • Pre-shift checks
  • Defect reporting procedures
  • Lift truck stability & more

Best for: Prospective forklift operators, highschool graduates.

Cost: Not disclosed

6. Forklift Certification Training Videos

Course Provider: Forklift Training Institute

Location: Online

Forklift training courses by the Forklift Training Institute

The Forklift Certification Institute offers various free training videos covering various topics that are helpful to forklift operators and safety personnel. Videos such as basic forklift training, safety videos, and basic operation can offer a comprehensive overview useful for those deciding whether to become a forklift operator.


  • Forklift training
  • Forklift operation
  • Forklift safety training
  • Forklift inspections & more

Best for: Forklift operators, safety personnel, site supervisors, highschool graduates.

Cost: Free

7. South Coast Forklift Training

Course Provider: South Coast Forklift Training

Location: Fareham

Forklift training courses on the south coast of the UK

South Coast Forklift Training offers forklift training courses that allow you to become fully licensed to operate in the UK. This course focuses on the counterbalance forklift and includes theoretical and practical tests, as well as pre-inspection training and more.


  • Principles of operation
  • Statutory requirements of operating a forklift
  • Advanced steering exercises
  • Stacking and de-stacking & more

Best for: Prospective forklift operators, highschool graduates from the South Coast.

Cost: Pricing not disclosed

8. Mentor Training Forklift Instructor Training

Course Provider: Mentor Training

Location: Chesterfield

Mentor forklift training courses Derbyshire, UK

Mentor Training offers various forklift training courses. Their most notable forklift training course is the instructor training, which is open for candidates with at least 6 months of operating experience. This is a sound opportunity if you want to take your forklift operation to the next level.


  • Theoretical and practical training
  • Relevant legislation coverage
  • Training recommendations
  • Instructional techniques

Best for: Experienced forklift operators.

Cost: Pricing not disclosed

9. Telescopic Handler Course

Course Provider: Construction Industry Training Board

Location: Bircham

Telescopic forklift training course CITB

The Construction Industry Training Board offers a forklift training course for those with little or no experience. The course equips future operators with the skills they need to handle and operate the Telescopic handler-type forklift.


  • Machine operation for all normal tasks
  • Safety principles
  • Routine servicing and maintenance
  • Principles of operation

Best for: Prospective forklift operators, highschool graduates in the Bircham area.

Cost: £1,550

10. Mainstream Group Forklift Training

Course Provider: The Mainstream Group

Location: Maidstone

Forklift training courses by Mainstream Group, UK

The Mainstream Group in Maidstone offers in-depth courses for counterbalance or reach forklifts. They offer a novice course for those with little to no experience, experienced operator courses for those who operate a different type of forklift, and refresher courses for current operators.


  • Principles of operation
  • Safety training
  • Theoretical and practical exercises
  • Standards compliance

Best for: Forklift operators, prospective forklift operators, highschool graduates.

Cost: Ranges from £203 to £839

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