Industry led online assessment solution, made for RTOs

Industry led online assessment solution, made for RTOs

User experience has always been one of our highest priorities. Since the launch of Cloud Assess we have been listening to what’s needed in an assessment solution and have been continuously investing in improving our product and service.

For the last year we have been working hard to develop Cloud Assess further as an Australian Vocational Education and Training (VET) industry led online assessment solution. Our entire infrastructure has been re-engineered to deliver greater performance, improved work flows and a significant step change in functionality. Introducing UX-1.

Making your RTO even more efficient

“With the technology available today, we believe there is no reason why creating, conducting and controlling assessments shouldn’t be a great experience.”

Rob Bright, Managing Director

With this in mind, our goal is to enable users to perform even more efficiently. UX-1 enables the user to complete assessments rapidly and methodically through enhanced work flow navigation and clever automated functions.

Outlined below are some of the dynamic features and how they will be of benefit to your RTO:


New Look, Dynamic Experience

Using the latest in design mastery our tech team have improved usability through intuitive menus, tool bars and navigation channels as well as designing a fresh new look. For those who brand their assessment platform there is even greater flexibility and scope to use the app to advertise and communicate with users.

in app support-01.jpg

Accessing support has never been easier

UX-1 comes with an industry leading support system within the app. Users can access a library of demonstrations and tutorials, as well as feature updates and a messaging service where conversations can be started with the support team.

This feature will enhance output within the system and improve the on-boarding experience for new users.


Making audits simple

The timeline provides a chronological list of activity on a user’s profile or assessment record to ensure tracking of, what was done when and by who, is documented. For example, you would be able to see when students or assessors logged in, accepted an invitation, saved/submitted a record and so on.

This feature will be of great benefit at audit time.


Information at a glance

As you login to UX-1 you will be greeted with a new dashboard. Different for each user type, the dashboard presents relevant and actionable data, right where you need it. To drill down into more detail, one click and you’re there.

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