10 Free Leadership and Soft Skills Courses

10 Free Leadership and Soft Skills Courses

Management and leadership skills are major factors that contribute to the success of a business. Managers who develop a sense of leadership can provide their team with purpose and direction, motivating them to improve their performance in the workplace. Effective leaders are those who develop emotional intelligence, decision-making and communication skills. Our free leadership courses are ideal for managers and aspiring leaders who want to improve their management skills. These courses cater to individuals in management positions as they learn the ins and outs of effective leadership in an organisation.

1. Project Management Basic Course

Project management skills help team leaders oversee campaigns and activities from planning to execution. Project leaders are in charge of defining the goals and objectives of the project, as well as planning out the scope of the campaign, managing the timeline and delegating tasks to different team members. These responsibilities require skills such as time management and problem-solving that are essential for ensuring project success. Our free online course on project management details the roles and responsibilities of a project manager in overseeing a venture. You’ll learn to communicate effectively with team members and stakeholders while planning out the key elements of a project to meet objectives and stay on budget.


  • Key elements of a project
  • Phases of a project
  • Roles and responsibilities of a project manager
  • Communication and stakeholder management
  • Project management methodologies and frameworks

Best for: Project managers, Team leaders, Aspiring or Entry-level managers, Project leads
Cost: Free

2. Motivating Teams Course

Motivation is what drives employees to give their best at work and it is the responsibility of a team leader to keep morale high in the workplace. A good leader is one who inspires their team to collaborate and improve overall performance, leading by example to foster a positive work environment within the organisation. Our free course on Motivating Teams will help you to develop a personal leadership style that enhances the productivity of your team. You’ll learn the importance of team motivation in overcoming challenges to achieve your collective goals. This management course is also suitable for aspiring leaders as they gain skills that will help them in managing a team in the future.


  • Strategies for motivating teams
  • Overcoming challenges in team motivation
  • Fostering a positive work culture

Best for: Team leaders, Mid-level managers, Aspiring leaders, Upper management, Executives and directors.
Cost: Free

3. Supporting and Coaching Better Performance Course

Besides acting as guides, leaders are expected to support their teams throughout their development. Supporting and coaching members for better performance will not only improve your team’s productivity, but you can also address any issues or points of improvement within your team. Throughout this management course, you’ll learn how to properly provide constructive feedback to your team members, motivating them to drive a high-performing team. You’ll be able to help your team achieve its full potential by offering mentorship, setting goals and expectations and fostering a collaborative environment that aims for improvement.


  • Setting clear expectations
  • Providing constructive feedback
  • Coaching for performance improvement
  • Creating a culture of continuous improvement

Best for: Mid-level to senior managers, Project leaders, Team leaders, Consultants, Operations managers, Floor managers, and Training managers.
Cost: Free

4. Teamwork and Team Building Course

Leadership and management involve fostering a culture of team building and collaboration as it develops trust and synergy among team members. This can lead to improved productivity within the workplace and empower team members to work together to achieve common goals. Leaders can nurture growth within their team as well. Our course on teamwork and team building will equip you with the leadership skills you need to maintain a collaborative environment. You’ll learn to communicate effectively with your team members, address any issues or conflicts and listen to your team’s input.


  • Introduction to teamwork
  • Importance of team collaboration
  • Team development
  • Effective team communication

Best for: Entry to Mid-level leaders, Team managers, Branch managers, and Project leads.
Cost: Free

5. Goal Setting Course

Leadership entails setting goals for the team as it establishes clear and realistic objectives to aim for. Goal setting is an essential skill for both novice and experienced leaders as it will help them hone their managerial role in the organisation and align their leadership styles with the strategic vision of their organisations. Our online courses on effective leadership cover goal setting, where participants learn how to develop SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, Time-bound) goals to improve their team outcomes and professional growth.


  • Setting effective goals
  • Goal-setting techniques
  • Developing an action plan
  • Maintaining motivation and overcoming obstacles

Best for: Entry to senior-level managers, Team leaders
Cost: Free

6. Mentorship and Coaching Course

Transformational leaders develop the potential of their teams. They provide feedback and train their employees to prioritise their professional growth and personal development while improving productivity within the organisation. This course focuses on honing leadership skills to build relationships with your team members and guide them through their professional progress.


  • What is mentorship and coaching
  • Types of mentoring and coaching
  • Choosing the right type of mentoring or coaching

Best for: Entry to senior-level management positions, Consultants, Training managers, Team leaders, Executives, and Directors.
Cost: Free

7. Delegation Course

A major part in managing people is delegation. Good leaders know how to properly distribute and delegate tasks to their team members according to the strengths and skills of each individual. They foster a collaborative environment where each team member can effectively perform their tasks and grow from the experience. Our free online management courses aim to equip you with the necessary skills you need to become an effective leader, including delegation skills. Learn the basics of proper delegation and how you can optimise your team’s skills to foster growth and improve overall productivity.


  • Identifying suitable tasks and skills for delegation
  • Introduction to the delegation process
  • Effective communication
  • Overcoming challenges in delegation

Best for: Entry to senior-level managers, Project leaders, Team leaders, Aspiring managers
Cost: Free

8. Effective Change Management Course

Organisational changes can be challenging to teams that have gotten used to a specific routine. It is up to the team manager to lead the change and navigate around these transitions to ease the stress from the team. Our course on effective change management will cover the steps in implementing and sustaining transitions to minimise resistance among team members.


  • Introduction to change management concepts
  • Effective communication in change management
  • Minimising resistance to change
  • Overcoming challenges in organisational transitions

Best for: Mid to senior-level management, Team leaders
Cost: Free

9. Leadership and Supervisory Skills Course

An effective leader is aware of their responsibilities in managing their teams, understanding that their actions directly impact those around them. Our free online leadership courses will help you develop your own leadership style according to your role and responsibilities. Dive into leadership theories and learn the essentials of managing people as you guide your team to achieving organisational goals.


  • Introduction to leadership styles
  • Effective communication in leadership
  • Motivation and inspiration
  • Developing decision-making and problem-solving skills
  • Ethics and leadership

Best for: Aspiring leaders, Middle managers, Project leads, Team leads and other leadership and management roles in the organisation
Cost: Free

10. Managing Conflicts Course

At one point or another, managers would encounter conflicts and issues with their team members. They may have to handle disputes among employees or deal with their teams’ professional or personal issues that are affecting their performance at work. In this free online course, you’ll learn how to manage conflicts within your team, address issues and solve disputes among members. Gain insights into constructive dialogue and negotiation techniques to maintain a collaborative and harmonious work environment.


  • Identifying and addressing conflict in the workplace
  • Assessing the effect of workplace conflicts
  • Conflict resolution
  • Tips on how to manage issues at work

Best for: Team leaders, Mid to senior-level managers, Inter-department leaders, Team members
Cost: Free

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