The What, Why & How of Learner Transition

The What, Why & How of Learner Transition

Are you currently transitioning learners? 

Whether we like it or not…the nature of delivering accredited training is that, at some point we need to transition learners. It can seem and even be tricky, but it doesn’t have to be that hard! 

Here, we discuss the What, Why and How of Learner Transition and how Cloud Assess can help you gain visibility & control through this process.

What is Learner Transition?

It is a requirement that training providers manage the transition from superseded training products and meet the relevant time frames within their scope of registration. This ensures that learners are either transferred to new training products or complete their current product within the relevant time frames. This process is referred to as the transition period

Qualifications and units of competency that are contained in training products may be updated or removed over time to replace previously endorsed training products. Essentially, the term superseded refers to those previously endorsed products. 

Training providers are required to understand their obligations and work within the relevant transition period in line with their scope of registration. When considering compliance, the type of evidence will differ depending on how training providers manage the transition process. It is important that all evidence is retained throughout the process. Especially in the circumstance where training providers are using a decision made by ASQA, allowing delivery in a specific circumstance that exceeds the usual allowable timeframes. 

Compliance is something that training providers should have embedded in their processes. Have compliance peace of mind by ensuring processes are efficient, forward thinking, audit ready and provide an enjoyable learning experience for everyone. 

The Standards for Registered Training Organisations (RTOs) 2015, in particular clauses 1.26 and 1.27, outlines the transition requirements from superseded training products.

Why is it Important?

It is important that training products meet the needs of industry, enterprises and individuals of today. In particular, ensuring that learners receive the current skill needs of the relevant industry. 

The Australian Skills Quality Authority (ASQA) strategic review addressed significant concerns regarding the expiration of marketing qualifications after the relevant transition period. They conducted a random sub-sample of 238 RTO websites that found almost 12 percent fell within the scope.

Where a training product is superseded by a replacement version, all delivery to all students in the superseded version must finish within 12 months of their publication on During this period of time, learners may continue to commence training in the superseded training product; however, they must then either be completed or transferred out before the end of the transition period.

It may be beneficial for training providers to act on this as soon as possible so that processes remain efficient. Further information on transition periods for training products can be found in here.

ASQA has approved an extension on transition periods for the relevant training products, that can be found here.

ASQA states that training providers can still enrol new students in the superseded qualifications within the transition period until their application is approved and the new qualification is shown on Training providers must not advertise or enrol any new students in the relevant superseded training product after the 12 month transition period.

Our top tips:

  • Understand your obligations when it comes to transition and when your package is up for renewal. Make sure you are signed up to alerts so you stay informed. To help you along the way, a list of the current extended transition periods can be found in the ASQA monthly update email.
  • Speaking to the relevant departments to ensure that you’re reporting accurately, in line with funding requirements.
  • Communicate with your learners and provide relevant information to avoid complaints etc.
  • Use a solution like Cloud Assess that is built for RTOs. Access world class service with experienced VET professionals and a solution that is built to support your needs.

With Cloud Assess, training providers have access to a platform that drives efficiency, compliance, accessibility and transparency to help support you through transition. Our efficiency driving reporting features help training providers stay in control. Powering efficiency and transparency to support continuous improvement at a glance and with ease. This is visibility & control that you may not necessarily have access to with a paper solution!

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