Spotlight On Students: Shannon’s Pathway Into Mental Healthcare

Spotlight On Students: Shannon’s Pathway Into Mental Healthcare

Meet Shannon.


Mental HealthcareShannon is currently studying Mental Health for personal interest and a possible career change. 

We sat down with her to discuss her study experience and how the flexibility of online learning has been the ideal choice for her as a busy mum of three.

In This Article:

1. Can you tell us a little bit about the qualification you are studying?

I am currently studying a Double Diploma of Mental Health and AOD (alcohol and other drug), then onto a Diploma of Nursing.

2. Why did you decide to study this qualification? 

I’m interested in childhood trauma and the relationship it has on mental health and addiction. I am also looking for a possible career change as a mental health nurse.

3. Can you list a few factors that make learning easier for you and explain why?

Develop a study routine away from distractions, and create a designated study room or space. Taking regular, scheduled breaks can also help to stay focused.

4. What type of training do you like and why? 

Online study with a weekly 1hr zoom class on a Wednesday night. This allows me the flexibility I need but also provides the motivation and support required to keep me on track.

5. What would you like your training provider to offer you?

I think regular feedback is extremely important when studying online so I know how well I’m progressing.

6. Do you plan on looking for work in this field when the qualification is finished?

Not sure yet! Even if I don’t, I will be grateful for the greater insight on culture and diversity issues we have in society.

7. What advice would you give to someone who is considering online training?

Make sure you have discipline and avoid distractions like your phone, set it on DND when you are studying!

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