10 Best Mining Industry Courses

10 Best Mining Industry Courses

Working in mining requires a certain expertise that is not necessarily easy to obtain. Your employees might be having a difficult time getting the training they need to do their job safely or work more efficiently. With our curated list of the top 10 mining training courses, your workers can gain a deeper understanding of specific topics related to the mining industry.

1. Plan and Prepare for Risk Control Course

Risk control is an important objective for health and safety officers in mining operations. Without knowledge of risk control, health and safety officers won’t be able to easily identify risks and address them in time. Even if your WHS officers have prior experience with risk control, there’s still a need for continuous learning. Safety is paramount in the mining industry and risks can become deadly in a matter of seconds. Protect your workers and your company by enrolling your WHS officers on this free training course.


  • Risk Identification
  • Developing Risk Control Measures
  • Implementing Risk Control Strategies
  • Monitoring and Review

Best for: Health and safety officers in mining operations
Cost: Free

2. Assess and Identify Unacceptable Risk Course

Risk is ever-present in the mining industry. Regardless of your best efforts, it will be difficult to completely eliminate risk from any mining project or site. However, while you can’t avoid risks entirely, you should still be able to control or mitigate them. This starts by knowing when existing risk control measures are enough or if additional risk mitigation measures are required. With this free training course, your mining engineers will be able to conduct risk assessments and determine what measures are needed in order to manage risks effectively.


  • Key Steps in the Risk Assessment Process
  • Common Types of Unacceptable Risks in Mining
  • Methods for Risk Identification and Analysis
  • Strategies to Mitigate and Manage Unacceptable Risks

Best for: Mining engineers and mine safety managers
Cost: Free

3. Identify, Assess, and Implement Risk Treatments Course

Though it’s important to address individual risks, safety in mining has to be holistic, well-planned, and integrated into every aspect of the mining project. With this free training course, your mining supervisor will be able to come up with a risk treatment plan that takes into account the roles and opinions of all project stakeholders. Without a risk treatment plan, personnel are likely to adopt an uncoordinated, band-aid approach to risks. If you want to instead use collaboration and strategic thinking in your risk management, enrol your supervisors and managers on this free training course.


  • Risk Treatment Strategies for Mining
  • Implementing Risk Treatments in Mining
  • Monitoring and Reviewing Risk Treatments
  • Safety Culture and Training in Mining

Best for: Mining supervisors and mine managers
Cost: Free

4. Communicate the Risk Treatment Processes to Relevant Personnel Course

Both miners and non-miners should be able to understand the risk treatment plan for it to work. Even the most comprehensive and data-driven plan won’t be of much use if its participants don’t know how to execute it or don’t know much about it at all. That’s why mining operations leaders have to be intentional in communicating the risk treatment plan to relevant personnel. If these leaders aren’t correctly trained on how to communicate such important information, disasters resulting from miscommunication may occur. Stop miscommunication before it leads to a disaster by enrolling your leaders on this free training course.


  • Identifying Relevant Personnel
  • Tailoring Communication to the Audience
  • Risk Treatment Plan Explanation
  • Providing Training and Resources

Best for: Mining operations leaders
Cost: Free

5. Complete Records and Reports Course

Keeping records and submitting reports are both essential in mining, not just because of compliance, but for increased productivity and efficiency as well. A lack of data can prevent a mining operation from reaching its full capacity. One way to ensure that you always have the necessary information to make good decisions and prove your credibility to regulatory authorities is to promote a record-keeping culture in your organisation. Start by enrolling your compliance officers on this free training course.


  • Types of Records and Reports in Mining
  • Regulatory Requirements and Standards
  • Benefits of Complete Records and Accurate Reports
  • Best Practices for Record-Keeping and Report Generation

Best for: Compliance officers and mining project owners
Cost: Free

6. Complete Written Records and Reports for Hazards Course

Unreported hazards endanger both the lives of your employees and the survival of your business. They can lead to incidents that cause the loss of life, property, and trust in your company. To prevent incidents as much as possible, you need to have a system for hazard documentation. Mine operators are also typically required by law to have substantial records and reports for health and safety. If you’re operating or managing a mine, enrol yourself and relevant personnel on this training course for free.


  • Types of Hazards in Mining
  • The Elements of Complete Written Records and Reports for Hazards
  • Reporting Procedures
  • Analysing and Using Hazard Reports

Best for: Mine operators and mine managers
Cost: Free

7. Working Effectively with Diversity Course

Thanks to the industry’s global nature, mining companies are able to work with people from diverse backgrounds. Though there are many benefits to employing people who have different perspectives and unique experiences, the one thing that should not be neglected in this process is inclusivity. While it is fundamental to all organisations, inclusivity is especially crucial for diverse workforces. After taking this training course, you and your team will have a better understanding of inclusivity and how to practice it.


  • Benefits of a Diverse Workforce
  • Challenges of Diversity in Mining
  • Strategies for Fostering Inclusivity
  • Effective Communication in Diverse Teams

Best for: Team leaders and supervisors
Cost: Free

8. Resuscitation Course

You never know what may happen on a mining site. Though risk management greatly reduces the chances, fatal accidents in mining can still occur. However, an extra precaution against these types of accidents is training your workers on resuscitation. With this training course, your workers are more likely to be prepared when a potentially fatal accident occurs. Knowing how to perform rescue breathing and/or CPR can be the difference between whether their colleague/your employee lives or dies.


  • Definition of Resuscitation
  • Rescue Breathing
  • Basics of CPR
  • How to Perform CPR

Best for: Miners and other frontline workers
Cost: Free

9. Digital Literacy and Mobile Technology Training Course

Are you having trouble getting stakeholder buy-in for your digitalisation initiative? Do you wish you had a real-time view of what’s on the ground (or under it)? Is it difficult to get workers to use the technology you’ve provided? If you’ve answered yes to any of these questions, then this course might be able to help you in solving those issues. This course provides a comprehensive rationale for using mobile technology in industrial settings such as mining. It can also give you more ideas on how to use or maximise technology for various purposes.


  • Applications of Mobile Technology in Industrial Settings
  • Utilising Mobile Technology for Data Collection and Analysis
  • Industry-Specific Mobile Applications and Their Uses
  • Applying Mobile Technology for Safety and Risk Management

Best for: Those in charge of or involved in digital adoption efforts
Cost: Free

10. Managing Safety Course

With safety management being such an important job in the mining industry, there might be a need for your mine safety managers and other WHS officers to take refresher courses every once in a while. This free training course can also provide a solid foundation for safety management to those with minimal or no experience. Whether your employee has been a safety manager for decades now or has just started their journey with your company, this course can help them get the job done.


  • Safety Management Systems
  • Leadership and Safety Culture
  • Communication and Training
  • Legal and Regulatory Aspects of Safety Management

Best for: Mine safety managers and other WHS officers
Cost: Free

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