Create Sustainable Student Outcomes With Online Assessment For RTOs

Create Sustainable Student Outcomes With Online Assessment For RTOs

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If you work in the Vocational Education and Training (VET) sector you would understand the role that paper has traditionally played throughout the assessment process.

Whether you have needed to create assessments, gather and retain evidence, collaborate with students, assessors or trainers, huge amounts of time can be spent printing, processing, scanning and storing (or losing) important documents.

Cloud Assess is an online solution that has revolutionised how to gather evidence and conduct assessment. Training Organisations can achieve enrolment through to completion of assessment all in the one platform.

Managing Director Rob Bright states, “The VET sector has long sought a technology to enable RTOs to better manage their learner journey without the complexities of paper and multiple disconnected systems.” He has seen the evolution from paper-based assessment to online assessment have a huge impact on the productivity of Cloud Assess clients with one RTO automating over 300,000 tasks in less than a year.

Why do RTOs love Cloud Assess?

Removes Paper

Nick Bottrall at EIM Training stated before he used Cloud Assess, “Paper was everywhere…it got to a point where paper was stifling the business.” As he searched for a solution to rid the use of paper he tried several options including Moodle but the fit was never quite right. Nick stated the best fit by far was Cloud Assess which, “is set up specifically for RTOs…with Cloud Assess you have everything there.”


The visibility that ridding a business of paper can produce is staggering. All users have access to their relevant set of records at any time and anywhere, allowing for collaboration both inside and outside the classroom. Richard Seaborn from WH&S More Skills states, “The most dramatic change in our RTO is that our Assessors have gained confidence. They know they can look back at the evidence captured and view everything in the one place.”

Sustainable and Environmentally Friendly

The environmental impact of moving to the cloud is commendable. Since Cloud Assess began its operation in 2013 their clients have saved more than 1,000,000KG of paper, increasing their sustainability significantly. When you consider the impact of paper production, that means a saving of:

  • 16,000 trees
  • 24,400,000L of water
  • 1,360,000KGs of Carbon Dioxide

As the platform is built for the Vocational Education and Training industry it is not only a milestone for Cloud Assess but the industry as a whole too. Cloud Assess is a system designed with tailored features that deliver great value to vocational training and assessment. Rob states, “It is our desire to continue to develop the leading solution for the VET sector to support people passionate about driving learner outcomes.”

Creating more possibilities for efficiency ✅

A clear example of how the platform allows trainers and assessors to do what they do best is the mapping function. Assessment teams no longer have to go back and forth when reformatting an assessment. Clustering assessments requires little administrative effort. Christine Caughey, Manager Quality Assurance at DFES states, “It’s so easy…I can easily map a question or task across multiple units.”

Cloud Assess have worked with a broad range of companies from private RTOs to emergency services, schools, health care and retail companies including a number of ASX100 businesses.

Rob states, “Early adopters have become more efficient and see the platform as an industry step change. We constantly develop the platform for our clients, so get ready for some strongly aligned VET features coming up this year.”

Work out the true cost of paper in your RTO by using the Paper Cost Calculator. Click on the image below and you’ll find the calculator at the bottom of the page.


UPDATED: 26 March 2021

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