Enrolment Engine Makes Waves for RTOs

Enrolment Engine Makes Waves for RTOs

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Want to know more about Cloud Assess’s cutting-edge Online Enrolment solution for RTOs? Specifically designed to enhance the student experience and make onboarding a breeze.

At Cloud Assess we help RTOs use technology to create exceptional Learner Experiences. We do this by providing the most up-to-date technology for Training and Assessment in the Vocational Education and Training (VET) sector. The latest feature to drop is the all-new Cloud Assess Enrolment Engine. A cutting-edge feature that most Learning Management Systems fall short on. We listened to customer feedback and enhanced our old enrolment solution to become super flexible and give the ability to push relevant AVETMISS data to a number of Student Management Systems (SMS). The Enrolment Engine is a space where you can design and build any enrolment form required and then effortlessly present on your website for your customers. Not only that but you can streamline your entire enrolment process with workflows and integration to your SMS.

How it works

Your prospective students complete an Online Enrolment Form on your website. According to your settings, a User will then be created in Cloud Assess and, if required, in your SMS and Enrol them onto the selected course. You can also take payment on Credit Card through Stripe.

The diagram below shows the process:

Online enrolment

The Cloud Assess Enrolment Engine, currently supports the following SMS’s;

  • VETtrak
  • WiseNet
  • JobReady
  • Axcelerate

Seamless Student Experience

Gather data before enrolment – Your prospective students go through a seamless journey from start to finish. There are a number of ways you can engage your learners at enrolment and the first step might not be simply gathering AVETMISS data. For example, before they enrol you can guide them through a series of questions presented through your website to check they are suitable for the course using our WebForms solution.

You could even use an LLN assessment that could be issued to potential students before they enrol, to assess their Foundation Skills Vs AQF Levels and validate that they are on the right course.

Gather the information you need – Your Enrolment Engine forms can be fully customised to ensure your students are shown exactly what they need to see and how you want them to see it, with no irrelevant and confusing fields.

Create as many forms as you like to make the enrolment process tailored to specific courses or student requirements. You could even embed certain enrolment forms into landing pages on your website as part of a marketing campaign, ideal for short courses.

Automate your process – Once your learners have enrolled through the Enrolment Engine, you can automate any communication you would like sent using Cloud Assess Workflow. You can even notify your team to take the relevant action.

Reliable and Flexible for your Team and RTO

With seamless integration allowing for the flow of information, the Enrolment Engine is a fantastic tool for your team and RTO. Reliable and easy to use, you can be confident that you’re collecting the right data and processing the correct information.

Design and build – Your team have the ability to design and maintain all of your Enrolment Forms with easy-to-use drag-and-drop functionality. Access a range of options enabling you to push the data how you want to and control quality.

Configuration – Within the Engine you can easily link to your SMS, configure if, how and when you want your enrolment data pushed across, and generate an embed code to place it into your website (the forms are compatible with any website). All styling is coded for you making the process a breeze from start to finish.

Drive efficiency – Your team’s capacity will increase as there is no doubling up of data entry. Drive efficiency in your RTO so that your team can spend more time on training and assessing.

The Cloud Assess Enrolment Engine represents the best price in the market. Your dedicated Customer Relationship Manager will guide you through an implementation session and is always on hand to support you.

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