Online Learning in 2023 – Are you ready to graduate?

Online Learning in 2023 – Are you ready to graduate?

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2023 marks a new era for Registered Training Organisations (RTOs), kicking off with the published report on Online Learning in January. 

The report is a major stride forward for RTOs as it reveals:

  1. Quality VET can be delivered well online, taking into consideration the requirements of the training product, the student cohort, the skills of the trainer and assessor, and the tools and strategies for delivering online.
  2. Many students prefer the flexibility of blended learning
  3. The online mode of delivery brings opportunities for providers to expand their offerings and provide students with more choices across the market. 

This blog unpacks the findings and represents a way forward for RTOs to embrace this trend that’s here to stay.

1. Quality VET can be delivered well online

What we learn from the report is that the COVID-19 pandemic was a catalyst to reform and change for the Vocational Education and Training (VET) sector in some really positive ways but that there have been challenges along the way too.

The positives include that it can:

  • create a community of learners 
  • facilitate modes of communication between learners and facilitators 
  • offer flexibility of delivery with small adjustments 

Conversely, those benefits can also be experienced as challenges such as learner isolation and having to entirely redesign learning and training content. However, with a great software provider these challenges can be overcome easily.

Amid all the lockdowns a huge wave of RTOs implemented some sort of digital technology from the pyramid below in order to survive and keep delivering to their students. 

ASQA acknowledges this and states, “Online learning covers a wide range of tools, technologies and processes. These range from relatively low-tech and widespread tools such as email, to high-tech tools like virtual or augmented reality.” In essence, it makes it hard to have a universal understanding of what exactly online learning is. There is online as a mode and a method of learning which are two distinctly different things.

In addition, as this webinar with Rob Bright and Phill Bevan showed, not every learning management software or training and assessment software is created equal. To make Cloud Assess as inclusive as possible, there is now a Lite version to ensure those starting on their online learning journey have a fit-for-purpose solution for training and assessment and don’t get left behind.

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2. Students prefer blended learning

The report showed the results of a survey indicating the types of delivery before and after the pandemic. The largest percentage of providers are adopting a blended delivery.

Cloud Assess have designed their software to enable face-to-face, online or blended delivery, which most of their clients adopt. During the pandemic, they created even more functionality including Messaging, Posts and the Learner App that enable a blended learning environment for assessors and learners with no compromise on compliance. Students feel empowered and supported.

3. The online mode of delivery brings opportunities for providers

It’s great to hear so many success stories that have resulted from the pandemic; from  students who never thought they could study due to hours required on campus to training providers not thinking they could ever reach learners remotely. 

As VET is associated with practical skill learning and assessment, it was rarely considered that online learning could be a mode as well as a method of delivery. Cloud Assess were the pioneers in this concept for VET. Their clients state that having such a flexible solution not only saves them time and money but also enhances the student experience.

In the report it’s stated that providers need to make decisions about the best type of online learning for their organisation, trainers, assessors, and students. ASQA has stated they will continue to support RTOs with this endeavour by providing guidance to ensure robust self-assurance.

Start your journey to graduation today

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