Meet Patrick Hoey, Our VET Business Development Specialist

Meet Patrick Hoey, Our VET Business Development Specialist

Introducing Patrick, Cloud Assess’s latest addition to the team specialising in business development within the Vocational Education and Training sector Patrick comes with a host of skills and insights into how RTOs can streamline their training and assessment.

Dive into a candid conversation with Patrick as he shares his insights, passion for the VET sector, and his approach to driving innovation in his role.

Explore features like the Journeys tool and discover the collaborative culture defining Cloud Assess.

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1. Tell us about your role at Cloud Assess:

My role as Senior Account Executive typically involves managing client accounts, fostering client relationships and driving sales within my network.

2. What inspires you about working within the VET sector?

As I embark on my fifth year in the Vocational Education and Training (VET) sector, my motivation stems from the knowledge that we’re improving the learning journey for all stakeholders. I believe the term “sales” often carries a negative connotation, which I strongly refute. Our primary objective is to provide superior solutions to address existing deficiencies in processes. Every interaction presents a unique set of challenges—ranging from outdated paper-based manual systems and ineffective compliance procedures to flawed integrations and a lack of optimisation. At Cloud Assess, our goal is to streamline training, assessment and compliance through user-friendly tools and automation, facilitating scalability. This, once again, underscores our commitment to enhancing the learning experience for all stakeholders.

3. What are values you strongly believe in?

Honesty, loyalty and karma – however we treat people will always come back on us.

4. What’s your favourite saying?

“Tough times don’t last, tough people do”. “Win or learn” also gets an honourable mention.

5. What’s your favourite activity?

Anything health and fitness-related, the gym is my second home. Sourcing a decent pint of Guinness in Australia is a close second, trust me it’s a hard task!

6. Other than Cloud Assess (of course) what’s your favourite app and why?

I have to admit, I am a bit of a dinosaur in recent times when it comes to apps – I find they often lead to downtime. I’ve disabled all my social media for quite a while now although LinkedIn would be the strong exception to the rule. I guess that would have to be my answer (LinkedIn), sorry I know it’s boring but it’s also highly beneficial and productive.

7. Tell us something that might surprise us about you:

I am a fully qualified fitness instructor, personal trainer, lifeguard and kayak instructor although a little rusty in the last 2 disciplines over recent years.

8. What is Online Assessment to you?

To me, online assessment represents a versatile and efficient way to evaluate learning outcomes and knowledge mastery using digital tools and platforms. It transcends traditional paper-based methods, offering flexibility, scalability and accessibility to both assessors and learners. Online assessment enables assessors to create diverse question types, provide immediate feedback and track student progress in real time. It also empowers learners by allowing them to engage with course material at their own pace and receive personalised feedback, fostering a more interactive and adaptive learning experience. Overall, online assessment is a dynamic tool that enhances the effectiveness and inclusivity of educational practices in today’s digital age.

9. What’s your favourite feature in Cloud Assess?

The Journeys feature, hands-down! The feature allows you to group activities into stages, automate flows based on user-defined rules and pick content to be included in the journey. Journeys enables a hands-off approach, reducing manual processes to keep your students moving through their units.

Benefits of Journeys:

  • Set up one or multiple Journeys — save time and reduce your ongoing manual processes.
  • Group activities in stages rather than by unit — deliver the curriculum the way you want.
  • Create dynamic automation — trigger your Learner’s next stage based on activities or events.
  • Customisable view — Learners and Assessors can view progress by Journey or by unit.
  • Outcome automation — units automatically receive an outcome when selected activities are completed.

10. What’s the best thing about working for Cloud Assess?

Excellent team collaboration. In a post-COVID world and remote employment, it’s fair to say it presents its challenges especially when starting in a new organisation trying to upskill. However, at Cloud Assess, support is readily available. Colleagues from every department are just a message away, eager to assist and foster a sense of belonging. I’m truly grateful for this inclusive environment and excited for what the future holds.

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