Top 10 Power Skill Courses for Team Leaders and Management

Top 10 Power Skill Courses for Team Leaders and Management

Team leaders and managers are the driving forces of the modern workplace. Because of their central roles, they must harness not only technical skills but also power skills. Power skills or soft skills are what motivate teams, resolve conflicts, and lead the organisation to success.

Having the right balance of hard skills and soft skills is crucial to management roles. So, you will need to conduct a management assessment to understand the power skills your leaders or leadership candidates have.

If you identify skill gaps, here’s a curated list of top 10 power skill courses for team leaders and management. You can have your employees take these free soft skills courses from Cloud Assess to bridge skill gaps and achieve that balance of hard skills to soft skills.

Free Courses on Power Skills for Leaders and Management

1. Leadership and Supervisory Skills Course

New leaders or candidates for leadership roles in the modern workplace must first understand what the position entails. It not only includes more responsibilities, but it means more power skills required of a person such as social and emotional intelligence, critical thinking, communication, and more.

As an introduction to leadership, you can have your employees take the Leadership and Supervisory Skills course by Cloud Assess. It aims to provide an in-depth learner experience of leadership and supervisory soft skills.

This free power skill course covers different leadership styles that a team head or manager may employ and their team impact. It also touches upon other power skills like effective communication, team motivation, decision-making, problem-solving, and leadership ethics. By the end, the learner will undergo a written assessment that evaluates what he or she has understood from the course.

Cost: FREE

Scope: Leadership Style, Application, Communication, Motivation, Inspiration, Decision-Making, Problem-Solving, Ethics, and Leadership

What’s Included: eLearning, Assessment, mobile access, and a shareable Badge of Completion

2. Goal Setting Course

Goals are macro-level elements essential for individual employees, teams, and the entire organisation. Management and leadership teams have the important task of setting goals for two of these–the individual employee and the team. Clear, measurable, and realistic goals allow employees to work with purpose. They also help teams collaborate more closely and effectively.

This free Goal Setting course helps by showing the significance of goals and how to set them. Goals must be effective, so that teams and employees are also effective. There are techniques that can be followed to make effective goals. These techniques will be taken up in the free power skills training course.

The Goal Setting course also guides a learner through the creation of an action plan. The action plan will help teams make purposeful steps towards goals. At the same time, motivation management must be learned to overcome any obstacles along the way.

At the end of the course, a written assessment will be conducted to test learner acquisition of goal-setting skills.

Cost: FREE

Scope: Goal Setting, Goal-Setting Techniques, Action Plan Making, Maintaining Motivation, Overcoming Obstacles

What’s Included: eLearning, Assessment, mobile access, and a shareable Badge of Completion

3. Decision Making Course

Team leader and management positions are positions of power and responsibility. Leaders have the power to make decisions that will direct the course of the team. At the same time, leaders have the responsibility to make the right decisions for the team and for the organisation as a whole. There’s no room for indecisiveness.

The free Decision Making course by Cloud Assess attempts to deal with indecisiveness, which helps both personal and professional lives. It first covers the process of decision-making as well as decision-making models and frameworks. These can help the managerial team understand how a person makes decisions. It may also show how the process can be manipulated to produce better decision-making and better decisions.

Learners will also go over the biases and pitfalls that individuals usually encounter when making decisions. Knowing what these challenges are may give insights into preventing them in the first place. As a result, enhanced decision making skills may be acquired at the end of the course as can be reflected in the written assessment.

Cost: FREE

Scope: Decision-Making Process, Decision-Making Models and Frameworks, Biases, Pitfalls in Decision-Making, Decision-Making Skills

What’s Included: eLearning, Assessment, mobile access, and a shareable Badge of Completion

4. Interpersonal Skills Course

Although team leaders and managers deal in business operations and objectives, they also deal in people. They can only get things done if the people who work with them are effective and efficient. So, it’s important that leaders and managers have positive relationships with other employees.

To have those positive relationships, strong relational skills are needed. Cloud Assess’s free Interpersonal Skills course takes learners through self-awareness. It’s the foundation of all interpersonal skills. It helps a person master personal emotions and how to control these emotions to effect positive outcomes with other people.

Subsequently, learners run through the various verbal and non-verbal communication skills. Both words and actions can speak to colleagues, so leveraging both can optimise communication to employees and between teams.

The course also zooms in on specific people skills. Emotional intelligence, rapport, and trust can help motivate individual employees and teams overall. Intercultural fluency and diversity boosts inclusion and belongingness in teams. Conflict resolution and negotiation skills can resolve issues that typically arise in work. Learners will know more about these specific skills. And they will also have the chance to practice and apply them.

Cost: FREE

Scope: Self-Awareness, Empathy, Perspective-Taking, Verbal and Non-Verbal Communication Skills, Emotional Intelligence, Rapport, Trust, Cultural Sensitivity, Diversity, Conflict Resolution, Negotiation, Practice & Application of Skills

What’s Included: eLearning, Written Assessment, mobile access, and a shareable Badge of Completion

5. Effective Communication Skills Course

Some internal business issues can arise from misunderstandings between employees and leaders, vice verse, or between colleagues. These misunderstandings can be avoided if only everyone knows how to communicate effectively. Strong communication supports the free flow of information, which may then translate into more effective and efficient work.

The Effective Communications course in Cloud Assess teaches what effective communication is. It gives an idea as to what it looks like. It also runs through multiple benefits that can be enjoyed due to effective communication.

This free power skill course is quite short compared to the others here. But it’s crucial to let learners practice and master effective communication. By the end, a written assessment tests for mastery and ensures that employees become strong communicators.

Cost: FREE

Scope: What Is Effective Communication, Benefits, Practice of Effective Communication

What’s Included: eLearning, Assessment, mobile access, and a shareable Badge of Completion

6. Managing Conflicts Course

Conflicts are bound to happen at any workplace. And conflicts can be good and constructive if only they are managed wisely. Conflicts are possible to minimise, and employees can learn from these conflicts in order to improve both hard and soft skills. But first, leaders and managers must know how to manage these conflicts and use them to effect positive outcomes.

In Cloud Assess’s Managing Conflicts free course, conflicts are identified and described, so leaders and managers can know if they encounter one. Workplace conflicts aren’t usually shouting matches. They can be subtle, simmering beneath the surface. Leaders will do well to identify these hidden conflicts to minimise their negative impact.

Once conflicts are identified, leaders must manage conflict well to produce positive outcomes instead. The free course takes leaders through conflict management. The objectives are to prevent productivity from falling due to conflicts. And morale must be kept up to maintain effective and efficient workers. Conflicts then may be turned in favour of the organisation to bring about a company’s success.

Cost: FREE

Scope: Workplace Conflicts, Conflict Management

What’s Included: eLearning, Assessment, mobile access, and a shareable Badge of Completion

7. Motivating Teams

Similar to how conflict management can keep morale up, motivation can also boost team morale. Motivation keep employees happy, and happy employees work better, faster, and more efficiently. An organisation will benefit in the long-term with constantly motivated teams and employees.

The free Motivating Teams course aims to provide strategies and techniques that will create positive and productive work environments. It will equip team leaders and management with the power skills to motivate teams and employees. But first, team motivation must be understood in the introduction of the course.

Subsequently, strategies for motivating teams are taught, although challenges to team motivation will still arise. There are ways to overcome challenges, and motivation can be maintained. In the end, leaders are taught how to generally foster a positive work culture. Work culture is crucial in keeping morale high and employees happy.

Cost: FREE

Scope: Team Motivation, Motivating Strategies, Motivation Challenges, Positive Work Culture

What’s Included: eLearning, Written Assessment, mobile access, and a shareable Badge of Completion

8. Performance Conversations

Team leaders and management must ultimately conduct competency-based assessments to check performance. This keeps employees updated on how they’re doing and how they can improve. To that end, leaders and management must hold performance conversations with employees.

A performance conversation may seem intimidating and daunting. But there is a way to do it effectively. The Performance Conversations free course by Cloud Assess helps learners through a successful performance conversation. How can it be done? How should a team leader conduct himself or herself? How should a manager speak? The course runs through these questions.

In the first place, the free power skills course shows what a performance conversation is. Once that is understood, team leaders and managers can better know when to hold a performance conversation. Timing is also key. The conversation must be held at a time that will most help the employee.

Cost: FREE

Scope: Performance Conversation, How to Conduct, When to Conduct

What’s Included: eLearning, Written Assessment, mobile access, and a shareable Badge of Completion

9. Supporting & Coaching Better Performance

The responsibility of team leaders and management doesn’t end with the performance conversation. Guidance and support must still be provided to employees in areas they need to improve. They can’t improve quickly and effectively on their own. They need their team leaders or management to support and coach them to perform more effectively and efficiently.

The function of performance management falls to the role of team leaders and management. The free Supporting & Coaching Better Performance course from Cloud Assess takes leaders through this function in order to enhance the performance of employees. Clear expectations must be set similar to clear goals or objectives. Constructive feedback must also be given to let employees know what steps to take to improve.

The free course goes through other key concepts as well as strategies to coach performance improvements. It also includes lessons in creating a work culture of continuous improvement. Such a culture fosters continuous learning and development that will only make employees better as time goes on.

Cost: FREE

Scope: Performance Management, Clear Expectations, Constructive Feedback, Coaching, Support, Performance Improvement, Strategies, Culture of Continuous Improvement

What’s Included: eLearning, Written Assessment, mobile access, and a shareable Badge of Completion

10. KPI Reporting

Organisations need reliable metrics to track its performance, the performance of employees, and other business processes. These metrics take the form of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). KPIs let businesses know what they have to keep on doing, what they need to do better, or what they need to do differently.

Team leaders and managers will encounter KPIs in work processes. In turn, they will be doing KPI reporting themselves. The free KPI Reporting course by Cloud Assess trains team leaders and management on KPIs. They will learn how organisations use KPIs. And they will know what KPI reporting is.

Most importantly, team leaders and management will learn how to make KPI Reports. KPI reports are what organisations look at to assess operations and processes. So, a KPI report must be done accurately to reflect the right measurements. Organisations may then operate more effectively based on what they know from KPI reports.

Cost: FREE

Scope: KPI Reporting, Business Use of KPIs and Reporting, How to Prepare a KPI Report

What’s Included: eLearning, Written Assessment, mobile access, and a shareable Badge of Completion

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