5 Reasons Your Admin Team Will Love Their Job (even more!)

5 Reasons Your Admin Team Will Love Their Job (even more!)

Undeniably, the role of any RTO Administrator is busy and multifaceted. The unsung heroes of the business, their contribution is pivotal and significantly influences the success of the Student Experience.

Having a system designed for the VET industry reduces the stress and burden on the Admin Team and drives efficiency for your RTO. If you haven’t already it’s time to check out Cloud Assess, the flexible Online Assessment and Training solution. Although assessment is at its core, it’s a dynamic end-to-end solution to assist with the administration of running a well oiled and compliant RTO. Administrators have the tools to coordinate a seamless learner journey.

As a company, our aim is to keep the passion alive in the VET sector and help people spend more time doing what they love. Check out these five reasons your Admin Team will love their job (even more!) using Cloud Assess:

1. No more paper!

Cloud Assess is a truly paperless solution. It eliminates time spent printing, scanning, filing, uploading, sending and storing (or losing!) documents. You’ll have fewer paper cuts and no wasted time standing at the photocopier!

Never spend time searching helplessly for records either. Every assessment is retained effortlessly with an exportable timeline (to keep auditors happy). There is no need to worry about losing files either! They are all retained securely in the cloud, accessible anywhere, anytime.

2. Effortlessly become more productive

Think of a repetitive task or repeatable process in your RTO. It could be submitting results to your SMS or sending out Student Feedback Forms. These can all be set up as a Workflow, which consists of an orchestrated and repeatable pattern of activity that you control, but it does all the legwork.

Take the stress out of gathering and managing information. Create any digital form e.g. feedback, student appeals, industry consultation. The sky is the limit! Embed online enrolment forms to your website for a seamless flow of data. An awesome time-saving feature, Forms allow you to capture information without double handling.

Using Workflow and Forms, gather vital information from your students, communicate, and integrate with other systems. This keeps your process moving and ensures nothing is forgotten.

3. Access tools that provide transparency and keep you on track

Stats, the Dashboard and Timeline are just a few tools that optimise visibility. Easily identify workloads with real-time data and provide intel when required.

With the Timeline you see a visual record of Student access, due dates, submissions, retained attempt history, which can also be exported to Excel.

4. Have compliance peace of mind

No longer worry about audit time! With features designed to keep your process compliant, you can access a range of tools to support your requirements like Quality Checks, Stats and Mapping.

A productive way of reviewing prescribed sample rates of records is with the unique and powerful Quality Checks tool. You can approve or reject resulted assessments, units or processed forms and track stakeholder dialogue. You can ensure your requirements are in check before being finalised.

5. Create engaging experiences for your students

Effortlessly design assessments with the flexible authoring tool. You have no restrictions on assessment type or compromise on functionality. Present rich, multimedia assessments to engage your learners.

Taking all of this into account, it’s clear to see that RTOs really are backed up by heroes in administration. Get in touch with Cloud Assess today and learn how your Administrators can love their jobs even more!

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