Risk Assessment Training Course

Risk Assessment Training Course

Handling risk is imperative for any business. Not only does it help reduce hazards, but a risk assessment training course is often required by local laws. For example, in the AU, the Work Health and Safety Act makes it a duty of employers to take action and reduce risks associated with dangerous work activities. 

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What is Risk Assessment?

Risk assessment is the systematic process that is used to identify hazards and evaluate any associated risks in the workplace. This risk management process helps in implementing reasonable control measures that will help eliminate or reduce them.

Some of the keywords associated with risk assessment include;

  • Risk: The likelihood and severity of a negative occurrence
  • Hazard: Something that has the potential to cause harm
  • Accident: An unplanned event that results in loss

Even if you’ve already carried out sufficient assessments in the past, like by utilizing a risk assessment matrix, it’s best to update risk assessment strategies as additional training is always required.

Comprehensive risk assessments provide a structured way of looking at risks and allow for a plan of action to deal with them. Regardless of the size of your company, assessing risks is a legal requirement. Health and Safety Work Regulations should be completed by employers and the self-employed alike. 

Risk Assessment Training Course Overview

Cloud Assess’ risk assessment training course is a key health and safety executive course that teaches the risk assessment process as well as how to perform it. 

Our training course is designed to help businesses comply with the right Health and Safety regulations and carry out structured risk assessments in the workplace. Regardless of your scope of work, risk assessments are a crucial part of ensuring your employees are safe in the workplace and any hazards are reduced to as much as reasonably possible.

It’s a legal requirement for every employer to undertake risk assessments. This course gives a clear and structured view of risk management as well as explains the risk assessment process in a step-by-step manner. 

As well as helping with basic legislation, our training course will show you how to assign ratings in workplace risks, as well as the appropriate control measures that should be put in place by management. When you minimise risks to your business, you will create a safe and harmonious work environment. 

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What Does a Risk Assessment Training Course Include

A risk assessment training course is broken down into the following course contents:

Hazards and Risks

This section is all about defining health and safety risks and understanding a suitable and sufficient assessment process. Because risk assessment may not always be necessary, we explain how you decide when one is needed and how to conduct it successfully.

Other Workplace Hazards & Risks

For more information about specific workplace hazards, consult our guides below:

The 5 steps to risk assessment

This section of a risk assessment course uses a simple 5-step process. It will teach you how to identify hazards and take you through a standard risk assessment form. The process showcases work regulations, and legal requirements and also explains how to fill the form out.  

Risk assessment tool

This is an interactive tool that comes with short summary reminders that are used to create your own risk assessment. Thereafter, you can save your risk assessment from within the program or using your Learning Management System (LMS). 

Apart from the risk assessment process, a good training course will also cover work regulations according to the 2011 Work Health and Safety Act.

A risk assessment training course should also end with an assessment to ensure that adequate understanding has been achieved. Multiple-choice tests are often used to measure your knowledge of the material. The online risk assessment training is successfully completed with a printable certificate. 

Apart from your well-earned certificate, training progress and the results will be stored in your online platform and can be accessed anytime to reprint certificates, check pass marks, and show an ongoing commitment to safety regulations. 

What Will You Learn from Risk Assessment Training

By the time you complete a risk assessment course, you’ll be able to do the following;

Understand health and safety law

This law doesn’t expect you to eliminate risks, instead, it requires employers and leaders to protect their employees as far as reasonably practicable.

Employ hazards, risks, and control measures

Understanding workplace risks is the first step to carrying out suitable and sufficient assessments. Risks go hand in hand with hazards and control measures. Once the course is complete, you’ll have the tools to eradicate, reduce, isolate, and control risks. 

Know Safety Signs & Safe Systems of Work (SSOW)

The use of signs as a safety executive is a practical application that will help in carrying out a risk assessment on your own premises. There are several types of safety signs you’ll encounter in our assessment training. 

Know what to do in case of an accident

You have two top priorities when you’re first notified of an accident; to the injured person(s) and to ensure the area is safe. Accidents are a good way of managing risk as they will help you see whether your control measures are working. 

Know how to assess risks in the workplace

There’s nothing more important than assessing risks the right way. Once finished with the course, you’ll understand the importance of risk assessment, know how to identify hazards, evaluate risks, decide on precautions, record your significant findings, and review or update your assessment if necessary. 

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Risk Assessment Training Resources

Online risk assessment training comes with a variety of course materials that highlight how to identify hazards in the workplace and recognise risk while implementing a control measure. 

Managers, trainers, leaders, safety officers and anyone else involved in health and safety  training and/or procedures could benefit from risk management training resources. These resources give participants the necessary skills and information to enable them to carry out thorough accident investigations. 

As well as the usual health and safety contents that come in training packs, you will also receive several samples of risk assessment forms. 

Access Free Risk Assessments Training

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