We’re all Smiling for Smiddy!

We’re all Smiling for Smiddy!

Who and What is Smiling for Smiddy?

Sadly it can be said that we have all been touched by cancer in our lives; whether ourselves, close family, friends or acquaintances, and that’s exactly what inspired Smiling for Smiddy: a charity that raises money for Mater Health to fund life saving cancer research.

The Smiddy organisation came about as a result of the tragic loss of 26 year old Adam Smiddy in 2006. A young and talented triathlete and physiotherapist, Adam was diagnosed with a malignant melanoma and had surgery to remove it and his lymph nodes. A gradual 6 month recovery saw his return to health; however, he started feeling unwell again, and 3 weeks later he passed away. Without his knowledge his cancer had spread to his vital organs.

To honour Adam, 6 weeks after his passing away his triathlete coach, Mark, and a couple of mates, fulfilled one of Adams unrealised dreams, to ride from Brisbane to his home town, Home Hill. In doing so they raised $24,000. The next year 25 people rode, and in 2008, 50 people rode and raised $420,000 for cancer research. Now Smiling for Smiddy has become an institution in itself, raising millions over the years to fund life changing cancer research.

What’s happening?

This year Cloud Assess’s Managing Director, Rob Bright and Technical Director, Andrew Baker joined the Smiddy team in the Far North Queensland Smiddy Challenge where they rode 680 km through Cairns, Port Douglas, the Daintree, Cape Tribulation and the Atherton Tablelands over 5 days.

The days were filled with long rides (the biggest one being 160 km!), sunshine, ocean views and a sense of hope.

The Far North Queensland Smiddy Team collectively raised close to $400,000! We are super proud of of Rob and Andrew for rising to the challenge and raising more than $14,000, all of which goes to funding real research, leading to real outcomes, that will result in many saved lives.

Teamwork. Spirit. Mateship. Good on ya boys!

Please support our fundraising by making a donation to our fundraising page here.

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