10 Soft Skill Courses to Upskill Your Employees

10 Soft Skill Courses to Upskill Your Employees

Technical prowess is essential to businesses and organisations. But soft skills hold equal if not greater importance. So, when you upskill employees to have strong soft skills along with their hard skills, they will prove to be blessings for your workplace.

Employees can learn good communication skills, conflict resolution, critical thinking, and other future workplace skills. Mastering these may lead to heightened productivity and enhanced employee relations.

If you want a well-rounded team, investing in soft skill employee development is imperative. Or you can initiate development using any of Cloud Assess’s free soft skills courses.

You can find ten standout soft skills courses below to begin your employees’ upskilling journeys.

Free Courses to Level Up Soft Skills

1. Chain of Command

The chain of command is central to the operations of any organisation. It’s the backbone that connects and unifies different departments and teams.

New employees must be able to understand this chain of command. Understanding it allows them to work productively and efficiently. They’ll know who to tap if they face issues that require support. They’ll also know who to go to for the information they need.

At the same time, in the case of promoting of deserving employees, the chain of command also establishes who they should report to and who may be under their care. It’s a straight way of letting promoted employees know their new roles and responsibilities.

Cloud Assess’ free Chain of Command course takes employees through the concept of chain of command and its different types. They will also learn the benefits and drawbacks of the different chains of command. The free soft skills course even teaches how to create a chain of command.

You can see how much your employees have learned through a written assessment at the end of the course. This will help you ensure that they have truly grasped the idea of chain of command.

Cost: FREE

Scope: Chain of Command, Types, Advantages, Disadvantages, Establishment of Chain of Command

What’s Included: eLearning, Assessment, mobile access, and a shareable Badge of Completion

2. Time Management Course

For a busy employee working towards personal and professional goals, time becomes a precious resource. Then there are exigencies that also eat into an employee’s work schedule. An inexperienced employee can easily feel overwhelmed by urgent and important tasks.

For an employee to work effectively and efficiently, time management training is paramount. But the free Time Management course by Cloud Assess first teaches what time management is and what elements are involved in it. Knowing how the idea works and how it can benefit an employee lays the groundwork for time management techniques and strategies.

And that’s what the free Time Management course teaches next. It shows employees how to track and analyse their time. This initial analysis can provide reliable insights into how an employee works and how he or she can improve. These insights are then used to prioritise work in the order that they must be done. With these techniques, employees may then be able to create their own schedules to manage their work time well.

Cost: FREE

Scope: Time Management, Elements of Time Management, Track Time, Analyse Time, Prioritise Tasks, Create a Schedule

What’s Included: eLearning, Written Assessment, mobile access, and a shareable Badge of Completion

3. Interpersonal Skills Course

Now, employees must not only be able to regulate themselves, they must also be able to relate to their fellow employees. Positive work relationships encourage a happy and motivating work environment. In such a place, workers collaborate, communicate, and resolve conflicts more efficiently and effectively.

To foster positive relationships, employees must have solid people skills. Cloud Assess offers a free Interpersonal Skills course just for that. It goes through the concept and how one person needs self-awareness as a foundation. Once employees have a baseline, the course teaches verbal and non-verbal communication skills.

It even zooms in on specific soft skills such as emotional intelligence, rapport, trust, cultural sensitivity, diversity, conflict resolution, and negotiation. All these will be practiced and applied in the course too. It’s a comprehensive lesson plan to make better colleagues out of employees.

Cost: FREE

Scope: Interpersonal Skills, Self-Awareness, Verbal and Non-Verbal Communication, Emotional Intelligence, Rapport, Trust, Cultural Sensitivity, Diversity, Conflict Resolution, Negotiation, Practice and Application

What’s Included: eLearning, Written Assessment, mobile access, and a shareable Badge of Completion

4. Effective Communications Course

Some employees may already be great colleagues, but they still struggle with communication. There may also be others who are having difficulty expressing their ideas and perspectives. Regardless of their situation, they all need to learn effective communications as part of their soft skills training.

Communication skills help organisation processes to run smoothly. So, employees can learn from the free Effective Communications course by Cloud Assess. With a strong sense of what to say, when to say, and how to say things, employees can minimise misunderstandings and get their point across more effectively.

At the same time, employees can also learn how to manage their body language and their facial expressions. Words aren’t the only ones that can communicate. Bodies can too. So, the free soft skills course gives employees a chance to practice strong communication skills.

Cost: FREE

Scope: Effective Communication, Significance of Effective Communication, Practice

What’s Included: eLearning, Written Assessment, mobile access, and a shareable Badge of Completion

5. Active Listening Course

Employees must not only master effective communications. They must also know how to listen actively. Misunderstandings can result if employees are not mindful of the words other people are saying. This disengaged hearing may then hamper productivity and efficiency.

Active listening is a soft skill essential to keep employees engaged and efficient in the workplace. In the free Active Listening course by Cloud Assess, employees will learn the concept of Active Listening. They will go through its key components and see the benefits when people actively listen.

By the end, employees will be given a chance to assess and reflect on their own skills. Do they know how to actively listen? Where can they improve? Knowing how one listens will help immensely in pivoting towards an active listening stance in conversations.

Cost: FREE

Scope: Active Listening, Components of Active Listening, Benefits of Active Listening, Reflection

What’s Included: eLearning, Written Assessment, mobile access, and a shareable Badge of Completion

6. Conflict Management Course

Misunderstandings, disagreements, and other kinds of conflicts will always arise in any workplace. However, employees tend to cower and stay silent. Or their blood will boil over, leading to raised voices and rage. But these are not the only two options.

Conflict management training is an important soft skills training indispensable for workplaces. An employee must know how to regulate his or her own emotions, especially in high stress situations. In turn, he or she must be able to empathise with the emotional state of colleagues. Lastly, he or she must take practical steps to de-escalate confllicts and guide the interaction towards a constructive resolution.

Employees can have this soft skills development in our free Managing Conflicts course. It talks about workplace conflicts and how to identify them. It then teaches conflict management styles applicable in the workplace. With a conflict management skill, employees can make something productive out of a workplace conflict.

Cost: FREE

Scope: Conflict Management, How-To

What’s Included: eLearning, Written Assessment, mobile access, and a shareable Badge of Completion

7. Presentation Skills Course

Employees, especially team leaders and managers, have to present reports, ideas, or proposals at some point. It’s a regular practice in the workplace. But not all employees know how to present well.

Presentations are important practices in the workplace since they orient groups of people in topics. They disseminate information quickly. Thus, communication in the office flows freely.

The free Presentation Skills course in Cloud Assess helps leaders learn how to present effectively. It teaches leaders how to make persuasive messages as well as how to enhance their presence. Finally, it teaches how to deliver presentations well, using storytelling and visual aids.

Cost: FREE

Scope: Leadership Presentation Skills, Persuasive Messages, Leadership Presence, Storytelling for Engagement, Visual Aids, Continuous Improvement

What’s Included: eLearning, Written Assessment, mobile access, and a shareable Badge of Completion

8. Teamwork and Team Building Course

As much as employees work individually, they also work in groups. Groups must be able to collaborate internally efficiently and effectively. Issues within the group can hamper the progress of organisations towards their goals. It’s paramount then that individual employees learn how to work together and how to belong together.

Working together means working as a team. Belonging together means becoming a team. Both can be learned by your employees in Cloud Assess’s Teamwork and Team Building free course. This training module highlights the importance of being and working together. It also goes through effective team development and team communication.

Teams must be in sync in order to carry the business forward.

Cost: FREE

Scope: Importance of Teamwork and Team Building, Team Development, Effective Team Communication

What’s Included: eLearning, Written Assessment, mobile access, and a shareable Badge of Completion

9. Adaptability and Flexibility Course

The fast-paced digital age of today has remade workplaces into fast-paced environments as well. This requires employees to be skilful in different areas. And skillfulness helps them to adapt and be flexible to changing demands in the workplace.

In another sense, the organisation itself needs to keep up with other organisations. It must be adaptable and flexible too. So, its employees must be able to adapt and be flexible along with the organisation.

In these cases, the free Adaptability and Flexibility course by Cloud Assess may be instructive. It aims to develop skills in employees to keep up with the rapid changes of the corporate world. It starts by helping employees understand the concept of adaptability and flexibility.

After the theory is done, employees then get to apply the concepts they’ve just learned. They’ll get to create action plans and reflections for their continuous learning. These two components help harness the skills necessary to apply adaptability and flexibility skills.

Cost: FREE

Scope: Adaptability and Flexibility, Development, Application, Action Planning and Reflecting

What’s Included: eLearning, Written Assessment, mobile access, and a shareable Badge of Completion

10. Leadership and Supervisory Skills Course

When leadership positions open up in an organisation, one of the ways to fill them is through internal promotion. And some employees may exhibit leadership potential. However, potential candidates may often be lacking in some crucial skills for the positions they need to fill. And sometimes, internal promotion still makes more sense than external hiring.

In these cases, you may equip your candidates with the skills they need to fulfil the role of team leaders and managers. The Leadership and Supervisory Skills free course of Cloud Assess takes learners through the skills needed to fulfil leadership roles. They’ll learn about leadership styles, effective communication, problem-solving, and many other tools they can use.

This course may ensure that promoted employees will have the capabilities to meet their leadership responsibilities.

Cost: FREE

Scope: Leadership and Supervisory Roles, Leadership Styles and Applications, Effective Communications, Motivation, Inspiration, Decision-Making, Problem-Solving, Ethics, Leadership

What’s Included: eLearning, Written Assessment, mobile access, and a shareable Badge of Completion

Upskill Your Employees in Both Technical Skills and Power Skills

Technical and soft skills must be balanced to give employees a well-rounded skill toolbox. They can then better prepare and meet contingencies in your organisation when they arise. To this end, invest and initiate learning and development to give your employees the new skills they need.

You can make use of Cloud Assess’s free course library to search for other important soft skills. You can find free courses on soft skills as well as other skills specific to industries like construction, mining, hospitality, and more. Explore Cloud Assess’s learning library and start your employees on their soft skill upskilling journeys.

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