5 Ways You Can Help Create a More Sustainable Future

5 Ways You Can Help Create a More Sustainable Future

You may have heard the saying that “many small changes add up to big results”. This concept rings particularly true when it comes to taking care of the environment and helping to create a more sustainable future. Being mindful and making small changes to your habits add up over time.

For businesses, one change that really makes a difference is reducing the amount of paper used. There are small steps that can be taken like not printing out emails or other documents when possible, and storing all files electronically.

For training and workplace skills providers, paperless assessment and training reduces expenses, increases productivity, improves turn around and offers better security.

Not only can going paperless help improve your business, going paperless helps reduce your carbon footprint.

Sustainable Future

There are things you can do at home and in your everyday life as well!

Here, we discuss 5 ways you can help create a more sustainable future as an individual: 

1. Say no to one-time-use plastics

Plastic takes a really, really long time to break down. A plastic grocery bag takes 20 years, a coffee cup takes 30 years, a plastic straw takes 200 years and a plastic water bottle takes 450 years!

This means that these items will be around long after we’ve come and gone, releasing toxic chemicals in landfill and polluting the oceans, causing harm to marine life. 

An easy and sustainable alternative is to use reusable cups and containers when possible. One reusable cup can last three years and save 3kg of plastics to landfill!

2. Be a sensible shopper

Every purchase we make has an environmental impact, from the water and materials used to create the products to the emissions created during production and transportation, and eventually the pollution caused when it ends up in landfill.

Before you buy, ask yourself if it’s something you really need? Instead, do you currently have an item that can be repaired instead of replaced? If you do need to buy it, can it be bought second-hand? If not, look for an option with minimal packaging and shipping requirements.

3. Don’t be a drip!

Water conservation doesn’t have to leave you high and dry! Simple changes like taking shorter showers, fixing leaky sinks and toilets and installing low-flow appliances will not only help save the environment, but will likely keep your bills down as well!

And when it comes to drinking water, skip the bottles and head straight to the tap! Bottled water is expensive and wasteful, taking 3L of water to produce 1L for the bottle! Most municipal water is perfectly safe to drink straight from the tap, but if you’re concerned you can install a filter right on your faucet.

4. Park the car when you can ‍♀️

Are you travelling a short distance? Why not get there using two feet and heartbeat? 

Making small changes to your driving habits is one of the things you can do that will have the largest impact on reducing your carbon footprint. When possible, consider walking, bike riding, ride-sharing or using public transit.

This won’t only help keep your car emissions down but the exercise from walking or riding your bike can help keep your heart healthy!

5. Consider green energy for your home

Though it’s more expensive in the short-term, making your home environmentally efficient can have the benefit of saving on bills and adding to your resale value!

It doesn’t have to be huge expenses like solar energy (though it is great!). Even small things like making sure your home is properly insulated and has energy saving windows and blinds to keep the heat in, or out, along with a programmable thermostat for energy saving heating and cooling, and energy efficient lightbulbs can all add up!

And when you are ready to take the big step and move to renewable energy, there are many government incentives that will help with the cost.

Hug the Earth

We hope that you found some inspiration in this article. Even small changes, when applied on a large scale can make a big difference.

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