Edtech trends that are here to stay in 2018

Edtech trends that are here to stay in 2018

As we ring in the New Year, critics and researchers provide their outlook for things to come.

With CES 2018 dominating headline news with tech including 5G, Virtual Reality, Robotics, Artificial Intelligence and Automation to name a few…how will these trends support the Vocational Education and Training Industry?

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An essential part of learning is doing. However, if it involves trainee nurses learning on real people, it can come with some major risk factors. Guamard are manufacturers and distributors of simulated healthcare tools including patient robots to learn how to treat health care related injuries and illnesses.

On a recent visit to the Queensland Health Clinical Skills Development Service (CSDS) we were lucky enough to see their simulation ward where virtual experiences are facilitated using simulators to expose trainees to the pressure of real-life situations. They even have keyhole surgery simulators that provide surgeons with the much-needed training required for this high-risk procedure.

Virtual reality

Where there is an increase in enrolments there can be a higher demand on training managers to find on-site placement opportunities. RTOs can combat this surge with the new innovation of 3D virtual reality.

Tech companies like Epic Games offer development tools that are free to use academically. The app Situation Engine was created at the University of New South Wales. Students can log into an alternate reality and practice everything they need to know for construction assessments. RTOs can purchase hardware like Matterport which hooks up with Samsung smartphones to create virtual realities.

With an ever-increasing demand for students to visit construction sites to see the broad outcomes of working in a construction zone, this technology cuts the risk of possible injury and allows more students to be able to take the courses needed for qualification.


A recent study showed the biggest challenge to achieving work-life balance for small businesses was the overwhelming amount of administrative tasks. Repetitive tasks can easily be automated now, including essential parts of the process of your student experience. 100s of RTOs across Australia use Cloud Assess to streamline the journey their learners go on, from enrolment to completion and beyond.

For example, Support and Progression (part of ASQA’s new audit framework for RTOs) can be supported extremely effectively using Cloud Assess Workflow. Communicate “in app” and via automated email at consistent points along their journey.

Cloud Assess Workflow helps everyone stay on track, plus it takes minutes to set up and saves you hours.

5G, Wireless Networks and Smart Devices

How fast is 5G? At CES 2018 they compared 5G to what we know using the example of a two-hour movie download. On a 3G network, that would take 26 hours. On 4G, it would be lowered to six minutes. On 5G, its lowered to 3.6 seconds. With download times so fast the future is in the cloud and mobile.

What does this mean for RTOs? It means that students will expect their courses and assessments to be online. They will not enjoy the time lag of working with paper-based systems as they will expect their life to be flexible and “on the go”.

Updated on 11th January 2018

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