Top Tips for Taking RTO Assessment Online

Top Tips for Taking RTO Assessment Online

The decision to take RTO assessment online is likely made to solve your business problems and to expand and appeal to your student audience. The future is tech. There is a growing demand for remote, flexible, online assessment solutions. Rise to the challenge!

Going digital will make you more efficient and sustainable while appealing to the more tech-savvy students and creating a bulletproof audit trail. Although going digital is the right move for all these reasons and more, there are some things to consider when taking this step forward.

1. Know What You Need

Consider the assessment methods to you want to apply, the clients you’ll be working with, different scenarios of assessment, and the environments you’ll be supporting your learners in. All of these things change the shape of the online assessment solution you need and must be thoroughly understood. Your Training and Assessment Strategies are a good starting point if you’re not sure.

Tip: Learn more about one of the most popular online assessment tools – Learning Management Systems.

2. Search for Solutions Carefully

Online RTO assessment in VET is so much more than a digital assessment record and a flashy submission workflow. What are the processes that you need to support it properly in your business? How will you control revisions and make continuous improvement updates, how will you deploy those changes, how will you control additional attempts for learners, how can you track learner activity, how do you manage courses, and enrol learners, the list goes on.

3. Try before you Buy

Choosing an online assessment solution is a long term decision that can prove expensive if you get it wrong. Get a trial and put it through its paces. Check every process and how it is going to work for you, test integrations, workflows, customer support. Make sure you see every function working as you expect it to, from the Student, Assessor or Administrators perspective.

Tip: Many of these online assessment options, like Cloud Assess LMS, offer a trial period. If you’re ready to get started, try our free offer today.

4. Any Journey Starts with A Step

Adopting any new system is a transition that needs to be resourced and managed. Change can be difficult for some and easy for others. Support your team, provide training, give time and support to learn new ways of working, and most importantly plan carefully. Careful consideration to change management makes the difference between success and failure.

Taking RTO assessment online will make your processes easier and more streamlined while appealing to the 21st-century tech-savvy student audience. You can feel rest assured that going digital will help you provide the most flexible assessment tools.

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