Elevate Learning Experiences and Streamline Administration with Journeys

Elevate Learning Experiences and Streamline Administration with Journeys

Introducing Journeys—an innovative new feature that effortlessly empowers you to create predefined flows of activities, giving you complete control over sequence, due dates, and learner progression. Brace yourself for a transformative learning experience that enhances training delivery while alleviating administrative burdens. Get ready to embark on a remarkable experience with Journeys, unlocking new possibilities for seamless and efficient learning.

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Training Journeys: 6 New Features & Benefits

1. Streamline Learner Progression

Journeys empowers you to automate learner progression through courses, thereby streamlining the learning experience. Bid farewell to tedious administrative tasks and embrace a more efficient system that grants trainers and assessors additional time to focus on delivering exceptional training. With Journeys, learners embark on a structured and guided path that simplifies the learning journey automatically supporting progression and learner success.

Cloud Assess Journeys Streamline Feature

2. Flexible Stages for Personalised Delivery

Journeys provides great flexibility in order to suit any delivery method. Customise the order of training stages to match your preferred approach, tailoring the learning experience precisely to your specifications. Whether you choose to guide learners through knowledge units before practical assessments or scaffold their progress from basic to intermediate and advanced activities, Journeys offers a truly personalised and immersive learning journey.

Cloud Assess Journeys Flexibility Feature

3. Multiple Journeys for Varied Scenarios

Journeys also presents the opportunity to create multiple learning paths for the same qualification or course, accommodating various scenarios such as distinct locations or job roles. Embrace the freedom to provide alternate experiences and optimise training based on specific requirements. Whether you are catering to different departments or tailoring content for various locations, Journeys is your passport to versatility and adaptability.

Cloud Assess Journeys Multiple Feature

4. Crystal-Clear Progress Tracking

With Journeys, learners can effortlessly track their training progress and gain a comprehensive overview of their learning journey. Engaging visual indicators guide them along the path, illuminating milestones achieved and milestones yet to come. This transparent progress-tracking system motivates learners, instilling a sense of accomplishment as they witness their growth and advancement throughout the training process. In addition, trainers and assessors can identify opportunities to provide additional support to their learners when they see a red flag.

Cloud Assess Journeys Progress Feature

5. Automated Administrative Tasks

By automating laborious administrative tasks, Journeys liberates trainers and assessors, allowing them to concentrate on delivering outstanding training experiences. Say goodbye to time-consuming progress tracking, prerequisite management, and compliance assurance. Journeys seamlessly handles these mundane tasks, reducing the administrative burden and empowering your team to maximise their potential. Reclaim your valuable time and resources, focusing on activities that truly drive impactful learning outcomes.

Cloud Assess Journeys Automate Admin Feature

6. Consistent Learning Experience

Journeys guarantee a consistent learning experience for all participants by providing a predefined path with meticulous controls over sequence, due dates, prerequisites, additional attempts, and unit results. Every learner traverses the same captivating journey, enabling standardised training delivery and ensuring compliance with established guidelines. Journeys deliver peace of mind, ensuring a cohesive and controlled learning experience for all.

Cloud Assess Journeys Consistent Feature

Step Into a New Training Experience

Say farewell to traditional complexities and embrace a guided, intuitive, and efficient learning experience with Journeys. Empower your learners, elevate training experiences, and unburden your team from tiresome administrative tasks. To embark on this transformative adventure with Journeys and explore its boundless benefits, visit our Cloud Assess website for more information.

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