10 Best Free Courses for Those Working in Aged Care and Healthcare

10 Best Free Courses for Those Working in Aged Care and Healthcare

Working in elderly care settings requires compassion, communication and patience. Before you can care for and protect vulnerable adults, you will need specialised training and regulated qualification in geriatric care.

Cloud Assess offers a number of self-paced, free courses for aged care that you can utilise to enhance your skills. In our free care courses, you’ll find relevant training material to improve the quality of service you provide to your patients, a series of quizzes and assessment tools to track your progress and a shareable completion badge you can earn upon finishing the course.

Aged Care Courses Available Online

1. Manual Handling Aged Care Course

Aged care involves lifting, moving and escorting seniors from one location to another, especially when it comes to their medical checkups and mental health assessments. However, if you’re not careful, you could risk injury to yourself or to the patient.

This course provides all the necessary skills and knowledge you need to assist the elderly and provide them with high-quality care. The course includes the basics of manual handling in elderly care settings and proper techniques to lift and escort seniors to reduce the risks of musculoskeletal injuries for the nurse or caregiver.

Scope: manual handling in elderly care settings, lifting seniors with care, medical escort for elderly care, overall well-being of seniors.

Best for: Nursing home workers, Senior care workers, Caregivers.

Average Completion Time: 45 mins

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2. Washing Hands Course

Washing your hands is one of the basic health and safety procedures in the workplace. In aged care and healthcare settings, knowing the proper methods of handwashing will help in minimising risk to elderly patients, especially when it comes to food safety, manual handling and general hygiene.

This free online course offers a basic understanding of the importance of proper handwashing and correct hand hygiene techniques in the workplace.

Scope: basics of handwashing, proper hygiene, safety and hygiene, healthcare protocols,

Best for: Healthcare workers, Medical and health professionals, Senior care workers, Kitchen staff in elderly care settings.

Average Completion Time: 45 mins.

3. Risk Assessment (Care Setting) Course

Working in care settings comes with various risks to both the patients and caregivers. Seniors typically have low immune systems and may have impairments to neurological functions, making them vulnerable to illnesses and accidents. As a caregiver, you will need to implement safety measures to ensure the well-being of your patients.

This risk assessment course will help aged care workers to identify and report common risks in aged care settings, creating a safer environment for everyone. The course will teach you to conduct risk assessments to determine the potential risks in the workplace before they become problems.

Scope: basics of risk assessments, how to conduct risk assessments, risk assessments in elderly care settings, common risks in aged care settings.

Best for: Healthcare professionals, Elderly care nurses, Life care specialists, Workers in aged care sector.

Average Completion Time: 45 mins.

4. Hazard Reporting (Care Setting) Course

It is essential that aged care and healthcare workers report potential hazards before they cause problems. Common hazards in the aged care setting include slips and falls, sharp edges, faulty wiring, diseases, medication errors and other issues that can potentially bring harm to the patients, guests or caregivers.

The hazard reporting course for elderly care workers will present the proper reporting procedures when it comes to identifying potential hazards in the workplace. From broken or faulty facilities to imminent hazards, learn how to properly handle hazard reporting with this free online course.

Scope: common hazards in elderly care settings, proper procedures to report hazards, importance of identifying and reporting workplace risks.

Best for: Frontline workers in elderly care facilities, Nurses, Caregivers, Mental health professionals.

Average Completion Time: 45 mins.

5. Interpersonal Skills Course

Our free care courses include soft skills like interpersonal communication. Learning interpersonal skills will help workers in elderly care facilities to connect with their patients, improve their bedside manners and ensure that service users maintain contact with their families. Interpersonal skills will also help you build rapport and trust with your patients and their families.

Through this free online course, you will learn how to maintain composure and patience when it comes to dealing with stressful situations, as well as gain communication and conflict resolution skills.

Scope: verbal and non-verbal communication techniques, collaboration techniques, conflict resolution, building rapport and trust,

Best for: Caregivers

Average Completion Time: 45 mins.

6. Active Listening Course

Among the skills required to work in the care setting are empathy and attentiveness. Active listening is one is the ways that caregivers and administrators can show that they care about the patients in their facility. In this free online course, you’ll learn to improve your active listening skills to provide adequate social care to your patients.

Scope: components of active listening, benefits and importance of active listening, assessing and reflecting on your active listening skills in the workplace.

Best for: Caregivers, Nurses, Administrators.

Average Completion Time: 45 mins.

7. Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) Awareness Course

Working in aged care and healthcare allows you to meet people from different cultures and backgrounds. Understanding our diversity will enable you to maintain health and safety procedures for various individuals. You may encounter co-workers, patients or family members whose conditions and beliefs differ from yours and it is important to be aware of their needs in order to provide quality care for seniors.

As part of our free online courses, we offer a Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) Awareness course. In this course, you’ll learn about understanding biases, allyship and intersectionality. These should help you create a more inclusive workplace for everyone.

Scope: understand equality, importance of DEI, understanding bias, intersectionality, allyship, inclusivity.

Best for: Frontline workers, Caregivers, Administrators, Representatives, Etc.

Average Completion Time: 45 mins.

8. Stress Management Course

Working in a round-the-clock care facility can be stressful and stress can take a toll on your own health. Managing your stress will help you keep a level head while in the workplace and ensure that you’re providing the best care possible. Our free online stress management course will help you ease your stresses, helping you to identify and handle any mental and emotional health issues.

Scope: How to effectively manage stress in the workplace

Best for: Professionals, Caregivers, Frontline workers in aged care, Healthcare professionals, Administrators, Nurses working in vulnerable adult care.

Average Completion Time: 45 mins.

9. Effective Communications Course

Along with active listening, it is important to maintain effective communication among your team and your patients. Being able to efficiently deliver instructions, explain procedures or guidelines and show empathy through conversations all fall under effective communication. This free course is designed to improve your communication skills in the workplace so you can become a more efficient worker.

Scope: Importance of effective communication, how to communicate effectively, practising proper communication in the workplace.

Best for: Professionals of all ages, Frontline workers who directly work with patients, Healthcare professions, Workers that offer guidance or tutor support, Trainers.

Average Completion Time: 45 mins.

10. Resuscitation Course

A frontline worker is required to have nationally-recognised qualification in administering first aid to patients under their care, especially those with chronic health issues. Resuscitation is a must-know in the aged care industry as it is vital to understand regulation standards when it comes to resuscitation.

Our free online course will delve into the proper techniques in administering emergency CPR to individuals, as well as the next steps to take after you successfully resuscitate an individual. You’ll also learn how to properly handle an emergency situation.

Scope: step-by-step cpr, importance of knowing cpr, when to resuscitate, rescue breathing, how to maintain health protocols in an emergency situation.

Best for: Nurses, caregivers and other workers in a care facility.

Average Completion Time: 45 mins.

FAQs About Aged Care Courses

1. How do these courses address the emotional and psychological aspects of aged care, beyond just the practical skills?

Courses in aged care address emotional and psychological aspects by incorporating content on empathy, communication, and understanding the psychological well-being of the elderly, to provide holistic care.

2. What certifications or recognitions can one receive upon completing these courses, and how are they perceived in the industry?

Upon completing aged care courses, individuals will receive a digital badge that can be shared on LinkedIn and other online platforms, enhancing employability and demonstrating a commitment to quality care.

3. How can individuals who complete these courses continue their education in aged care or healthcare?

Those who complete aged care courses can further their education through advanced courses, diplomas, or specialised training in areas like dementia care, offering pathways for professional growth and specialisation in healthcare.

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