Clean and Store Podiatry Equipment Course

Clean and Store Podiatry Equipment Course

clean and store podiatry equipment

Clean and Store Podiatry Equipment Course


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  • How to safely dispose of biological waste material in accordance with organisational guidelines and infection control standards.
  • The steps for preparing reusable podiatry equipment for sterilisation, ensuring compliance with Australian Standards and manufacturer specifications.
  • Best practices for storing equipment as per manufacturer instructions and organisational protocols, maintaining equipment integrity and patient safety.
  • Techniques for identifying and reporting equipment faults following organisational procedures, supporting the delivery of safe and effective podiatric care.
  • The importance of maintaining the cleanliness and functionality of podiatry equipment to ensure patient safety, effective treatment, and regulatory compliance.
  • Strategies for extending the lifespan of podiatry equipment through proper maintenance and storage, promoting cost efficiency.
  • The significance of professionalism in maintaining an organised and well-maintained workspace, reflecting high standards of care and patient confidence.


In the comprehensive Clean and Store Podiatry Equipment course offered by Cloud Assess, healthcare professionals and Allied Health Assistants are equipped with essential skills and knowledge crucial for maintaining high standards of patient safety and care quality in podiatric practice.

This training provider delves into the critical practices of cleaning and sterilising podiatry instruments and equipment, ensuring compliance with healthcare regulations and extending the lifecycle of valuable tools. From the meticulous disposal of biological waste to the detailed processes for preparing reusable equipment for sterilisation, students learn the importance of each step in preventing infection transmission and upholding the integrity of podiatric care.

Moreover, the course outlines effective strategies for the storage and reporting of equipment faults, emphasising the significance of adhering to manufacturer instructions and organisational protocols to maintain equipment functionality and safety. With a focus on practical exercises and a comprehensive quiz, participants gain a deep understanding of how proper equipment management contributes to effective treatment outcomes, regulatory compliance, and the overall professionalism of podiatric practice.

This clean store podiatry equipment course is a cornerstone for any healthcare professional looking to excel in podiatry, ensuring they are well-versed in the best practices for instrument and equipment care.




  • Introduction to Clean and Store Podiatry Equipment


  • Dispose of Biological Waste Material
  • Prepare Reusable Equipment for Sterilisation
  • Store Equipment
  • Report Equipment Faults


  • Quiz
  • Summary


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