Evaluation Of A Rehabilitation Plan

Evaluation Of A Rehabilitation Plan

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Evaluation Of A Rehabilitation Plan


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  • How to assist Allied Health Professionals in reviewing a patient’s progress during rehab, focusing on the significance of tracking improvements and adjusting care plans.
  • Techniques for observing and documenting changes in a patient’s condition, using objective data to support treatment modifications.
  • The importance of monitoring the use and safety of adaptive equipment, ensuring it aids patient mobility and independence effectively.
  • Strategies for encouraging patient compliance with adaptive equipment, addressing any concerns to optimise its use.
  • Skills in communicating effectively with both patients and healthcare professionals, enhancing collaboration and care outcomes.
  • Critical thinking approaches to identify and resolve barriers to a patient’s rehabilitation progress, employing evidence-based practices.
  • A comprehensive understanding of the role empathy and patience play in supporting patients through their rehabilitation journey.


The “Evaluation of a Rehabilitation Plan” course is an essential journey for Allied Health Assistants aiming to sharpen their skills in the rehabilitation assessment process and treatment planning. It intricately guides participants through the evaluation methods and rehabilitation options, prioritising evidence-based practice and the meticulous evaluation process necessary for tailoring patient care.

Central to the course is the development of competencies in monitoring rehabilitation goals and the use of adaptive equipment, ensuring that rehabilitation professionals can effectively contribute to the rehabilitation practice and process. This course lays a solid foundation for understanding the dynamics of a rehabilitation plan, focusing on the critical roles of evaluation and evidence-based interventions in enhancing patient outcomes.

Designed to encapsulate the rehabilitation assessment process, this course empowers participants with the knowledge to assist in the review of patient progress and the safe monitoring of adaptive equipment, pivotal in achieving rehabilitation goals. It delves into the nuances of rehabilitation options, the importance of a detailed rehabilitation plan, and the collaborative efforts between rehabilitation professionals and patients to optimise the rehabilitation process.

Through a blend of theoretical knowledge and practical application, the course underscores the significance of a patient-centred approach in rehabilitation practice, ensuring that each step of the treatment planning is aligned with the patient’s unique needs and rehabilitation assessment.




  • Introduction to Evaluation of a Rehabilitation Plan


  • Review Progress with Patient
  • Monitor Use of Adaptive Equipment


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  • Summary


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