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Scaffold Safety Course

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Scaffold Safety Course


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  • Understand the significance of scaffold safety in the construction industry, including legal and regulatory compliance.
  • Identify common scaffold hazards such as falls, structural collapse, and electrical risks, and learn risk assessment procedures.
  • Learn about different types of scaffolds, including supported, suspended, and mobile scaffolds, along with their specific safety considerations.
  • Master the proper techniques for scaffold assembly and dismantling, including preparation of the work area and inspection of components.
  • Gain knowledge on fall protection measures, including the installation of guardrails, toeboards, and the use of Personal Fall Arrest Systems (PFAS).
  • Acquire skills in safe work practices on scaffolds, including proper footwear, securing materials, and awareness of weather conditions.
  • Understand the importance of regular scaffold inspections and maintenance to ensure a safe working environment.


This scaffold safety course is meticulously designed to equip individuals with the essential knowledge and skills for conducting basic scaffold inspections and ensuring safety in scaffolding operations. Throughout the training, delegates will gain a comprehensive understanding of the various hazards associated with working on scaffolds, including falls, structural collapses, and electrical hazards, underpinning the critical importance of adhering to health and safety regulations and best practices within the industry. The course covers the key areas of scaffold assembly, dismantling, inspections, and maintenance, ensuring participants are well-versed in the requirements for safe erection and the inspection of scaffolding structures.

Upon successful completion, participants will have demonstrated competency in risk assessment, familiarisation with statutory and height regulations, and the ability to inspect scaffolds in accordance with current industry standards. This course is essential for safety professionals, supervisors who previously attended similar training courses, and current CISRS scaffolders aiming to enhance their awareness and ensure scaffolding safety on-site. With a strong focus on practical knowledge, such as proper assembly techniques and fall protection measures, alongside regular inspections and maintenance protocols, this training promises to foster a culture of safety and competency among those responsible for scaffolding operations, thereby contributing significantly to the prevention of accidents and ensuring compliance with statutory regulations.




  • Introduction to Scaffold Safety


  • Scaffold Hazards and Risks
  • Types of Scaffolds and Safety Considerations
  • Scaffold Assembly and Dismantling
  • Fall Protection and Safe Work Practices
  • Inspections and Maintenance


  • Quiz
  • Summary


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