Enhancing Educational Operations: The Impact of Cloud Assess at Fremantle Education Centre

Fremantle Education Centre (FEC) is celebrating its 50th year as a private, non-profit Registered Training Organisation (RTO). With a diverse cohort of students, including high schoolers, adult learners and those in specialised programs, FEC is a bustling hub of education delivery.


“Cloud Assess is at the core of everything we do and has significantly improved our ability to support students, especially when they are not physically present. Our reputation for strong student support is upheld by the LMS’s capability to provide immediate and fluid communication and feedback.”

Penny Brereton

Compliance & Support Manager

Fremantle Education Centre (FEC) faced significant operational challenges before implementing Cloud Assess, their Learning Management System (LMS).

Managing assessments on paper led to issues with transparency, compliance and student support. Additionally, the organisation struggled with version control, printing inefficiencies and high costs associated with manual processes.

The lack of a centralised platform hindered efficient communication and feedback with students, impacting their overall educational experience.

They wanted a solution that could streamline their operations and ensure they upheld their strong reputation.


Implementing Cloud Assess revolutionised FEC’s operations, providing a centralised platform for managing and delivering assessments, storing resources and providing student support.


FEC enrols approximately 1,500 to 1,700 students each year, necessitating a streamlined and efficient process to cater to high school students. Cloud Assess is integral not only to training and assessment but also to enrolment operations. The integration with the Student Management System (SMS), PowerPro, enables a streamlined workflow for managing student outcomes, ensuring that the process is slick and simple.


Cloud Assess allows assessors to provide student feedback directly within the assessment platform and automates the workflow to send this feedback straight back to the learner. Penny, the Compliance and Support Manager, states, “Cloud Assess has significantly improved our ability to support students, especially when they are not physically present. Our reputation for strong student support is upheld by the LMS’s capability to provide immediate and fluid communication and feedback. This is crucial, given that we see students face-to-face only one day per week, yet they often work on assessments throughout the week. The LMS allows us to address their queries and provide support in real-time, which is a massive positive.”

Reporting & Compliance

Cloud Assess features robust tools that support compliance and transparency, including a comprehensive student timeline and Record Control. The detailed information provided by Cloud Assess helps FEC maintain 100% compliance with regulatory standards, ensuring that all processes are transparent and everyone is on the correct version of assessment.

Overall, Cloud Assess has significantly improved FEC’s operations by enhancing transparency and enabling better student support, contributing to a more positive educational experience at FEC.


FEC has observed several positive outcomes since implementing Cloud Assess. As the team becomes more proficient with the platform, they plan to adopt additional features to further enhance their operations. Key outcomes include:

Streamlined Operations: Cloud Assess has optimised the management of student enrolments and outcomes, integrating seamlessly with their SMS to reduce administrative burdens and errors.

Enhanced Student Support: The LMS enables real-time communication and feedback, crucial for supporting students who are not physically present, thereby maintaining FEC’s strong reputation for student support.

Improved Compliance and Transparency: Detailed dashboards, version control and compliance features ensure that FEC maintains 100% adherence to regulatory standards.

Cost and Resource Efficiency: The reduction in printing needs has cut costs and lowered FEC’s carbon footprint, while improved version control has ensured access to up-to-date materials.

Increased Accessibility and Inclusivity: By providing necessary technological resources, Cloud Assess supports all students, including those with specific learning preferences.

As FEC continues to explore and implement more features of Cloud Assess, they expect to realise even greater benefits.


In Summary

In summary, the adoption of Cloud Assess at FEC has resulted in significant improvements across various facets of the organisation. From operational efficiency and cost savings to enhanced student support and compliance, Cloud Assess has proven to be an invaluable tool in fostering a positive and productive educational environment at Fremantle Education Centre.

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