FPA Transform Fire Safety Training with Cloud Assess

The Fire Protection Association (FPA) in the UK stands at the forefront of fire safety education, offering comprehensive training programs that encompass Fire Risk Assessments, Fire Door Inspections, Passive Fire Protection and more. As a national fire safety organisation, the FPA is dedicated to providing specialised courses designed to enhance fire safety knowledge and practices.

Fire Protection Association Case Study. Man checks fire extinguisher.

“Cloud Assess has simplified our marking and allocation processes, making it easier to move delegates, provide extensions, and manage edits. It has also improved deadline management and learner communication, offering more frequent updates for our delegates.”

Anne Elliott

Qualifications Officer

Before implementing Cloud Assess, the FPA grappled with the challenges of managing its assessment processes and learner tracking across various disparate platforms. These systems were cumbersome and lacked integration, making it difficult to:

  • Efficiently register learners
  • Allocate and mark assessments
  • Monitor learner progress
  • Ensure compliance with Internal Quality Assurance (IQA) and External Quality Assurance (EQA) processes
  • Communicate effectively with learners regarding their progress and deadlines
Fire Protection Association Case Study

The FPA looked for a robust Learning Management System (LMS) tailored to meet their assessment and tracking needs.

With Cloud Assess, the FPA could streamline and enhance several critical processes:


  • Registering learners: Ensure every learner is properly enrolled and their progress is meticulously monitored.

Assessment Workflow

  • Allocating assessments: Assign the right assessments to the right learners seamlessly, through intakes.
  • Auto-Release of Assessment: Set and adjust release dates and deadlines for assessments to fit the timetables of each course and learner.
  • Second attempt: Providing opportunities for learners to improve their performance through a compliant automated release of a further attempt.

Progress & Support

  • Monitoring progress: Learner progression can be seen in real-time through dashboards and the Timeline. By using the Timeline feature trainers and assessors have a clear view of each learner’s journey and can intervene when necessary.
  • Providing feedback: It is easy to deliver timely and constructive feedback to learners within an assessment and through 1:1 messaging.
Fire Protection Association Case Study


  • Simplified Grading: Marking is made easy through assessor logins and dashboards. Using predefined marking guides and recording outcomes as ‘achieved’ or ‘not achieved ensures consistency and clarity in assessment results.


  • Managing Internal Quality Audit (IQA) and External Quality Audit (EQA) processes: Maintaining strict adherence to quality assurance standards is made easy through version control and quality checks of marking samples.

The adoption of Cloud Assess has transformed the FPA’s training operations, yielding significant improvements and benefits:

Enhanced Visibility and Easier Allocation
Cloud Assess’s user-friendly interface allows for a more accessible view of units, simplifying the allocation of marking tasks and the management of deadlines.

Simplified Marking and Allocation
With Cloud Assess, the marking process has become more straightforward. It’s easier to move delegates/learners between courses, grant extensions and make necessary edits.

Automated Notifications and Enhanced Communication
Automated notifications keep learners informed about their progress and upcoming deadlines, enhancing overall communication and efficiency.

Improved Compliance and Monitoring
Cloud Assess supports compliance by providing clear timelines, automatic second attempts and comprehensive assessor feedback. It also effectively demonstrates the IQA process for EQA moderation.

Integration with Other Tools
Cloud Assess integrates seamlessly with other systems, allowing for easy data export and access to eLearning materials directly through the app.

Fire Protection Association Case Study


Since integrating Cloud Assess into its operations, the Fire Protection Association has reaped substantial benefits. Improved visibility, streamlined marking processes, enhanced communication and better compliance tracking have all contributed to more efficient and effective training operations. Cloud Assess has proven to be an invaluable tool in managing the FPA’s fire safety training programs, ensuring that they continue to lead the way in fire safety education.

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