Fit Education Saves 85% of Assessment Costs With Cloud Assess

With ASQA’s student-centred audit approach and student survey, the student experience is a vital part of an RTO’s compliance requirements. Hear what Chris Weier from Fit Education did to stay relevant in the market and reduce his assessment costs by a whopping 85%.

At a Glance


  • Increase student engagement and numbers
  • Reduce admin work and costs
  • Stay competitive and audit-ready
  • Create the best possible student experience


  • 24/7 access for students, trainers and partners
  • Streamlined processes
  • Easy-to-use platform
  • Scalable solution

“Cloud Assess is very easy to use compared to a lot of other online portals. Very easy to navigate through and upload assessments. We’ve recently had an audit and passed with flying colours.”

Chris Weier has one mission: Transform people’s lives. With that in mind, he established Fit Education, a Registered Training Organisation specialising in sport and fitness education.

“I’m very passionate about fitness and want to help people change their lives. I want to help the future of Australia.”

Chris and the team at Fit Education offer highly practical courses with a strong focus on theory. Their goal is to train up as many students as possible, but they also understand how crucial the student experience is to keep their licence as an RTO.

Unfortunately, Chris quickly had to realise that he couldn’t scale with the learning management system they had in place. It created a lack of student experience and inefficiencies, which put their reputation and business at risk.

For example, students said it’s difficult to navigate through the content. Chris found that trainers and assessors would spend more time teaching students how to use the platform rather than educating them.

Admin work was also piling up because of the increasing number of student enquiries, which resulted in higher staff costs.

“The frustration with the previous solution was the (lack of) user-friendliness of the product. Students had more enquiries and that resulted in more work in my admin team.”

Due to the system’s failure to effectively deliver assessments, Fit Education had to switch to paper for assessments. However, this brought a massive cost increase of printing, collating and storing files. Even worse, it was extremely difficult to track down the right files during audit times, giving Chris many sleepless nights.

So Chris decided it was time to look for a new solution.

Chris searched for an online training and assessment solution that could scale with them and allow them to rest assured that their compliance requirements are met.

The system needed to be user-friendly, accessible and technologically advanced. It needed to be a system that would evolve with time, allowing Chris and his team to continuously deliver the best possible product to his students.

That’s when he came across Cloud Assess. After speaking to Alex and the team, Chris was convinced that this platform was the best solution for his needs and goals because of several reasons:

  1. User-friendliness and easy navigation
  2. Accessibility for all users 24/7
  3. Continuous development of features
  4. Safe storage of files and user activity

Chris decided to make the switch as Cloud Assess ticked all his boxes. The transition was easy, with Cloud Assess supporting Chris and his team throughout the whole implementation process. This ensured that his RTO would kick goals from the onset.

“Cloud Assess’ customer service is first rate and I would struggle to find someone with a better service.”

“We’ve recently had an audit and passed with flying colours.”

The scalable, paperless solution streamlined Fit Education’s processes and opened up new markets, resulting in a decrease in assessment costs of 85%.

Since switching to Cloud Assess in 2017, Fit Education has been able to:

  • Conduct 277,473 online assessments
  • Save 1,040,270 sheets of paper
  • Save 126 trees from being cut down
  • Have compliance peace of mind

Taking assessments online allowed them to slash administrative costs, save valuable time and reduce their carbon footprint. It also increased compliance peace of mind because of the ability to upload, store and access student data all in one place, which is one of Chris’ favourite benefits.

Students love the new platform, which resulted in fewer student enquiries and a further decrease in administrative work.

Here’s what student Gemma had to say about her learning experience:

“Cloud Assess is very easy to use compared to a lot of other online portals. Very easy to navigate through and upload assessments.”

Apart from the user-friendly interface, Gemma likes that she can conduct and upload assessments 24/7. This makes it easier for her to fit in her studies with work and Uni.

Most importantly, Chris and his team can fully focus again on training up the next generation of fitness and health professionals while Cloud Assess does the rest.

We can’t wait to see where else this journey is taking them.

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