Transforming Workplace Training: Flight Centre’s Journey with Cloud Assess

Flight Centre Travel Group is a renowned name in Australia, known for its expansive presence as a leading travel retailer with diverse business arms. With a focus on delivering accredited training, Flight Centre ensures that all new employees undergo a comprehensive three-year traineeship pathway, covering certifications in travel and tourism. Amidst their significant footprint domestically and internationally, the company faced challenges during the COVID-19 pandemic, yet remained resilient in navigating the evolving landscape of the travel industry.

After 6 years of collaboration, we interviewed James Brushin, the forward-thinking Product and Project Manager at Flight Centre, to gain insights into the training and assessment process both before and after the implementation of Cloud Assess.

Flight Centre - Training and Assessment - Cloud Assess

“Cloud Assess has transformed our approach to training and assessing learners at Flight Centre Business School. Its specialised features for accredited workplace training have empowered us to greatly improve our training processes, leading to enhancements in reporting and the overall learner experience.”

James Brushin

Product & Project Manager, FC Business School

Improving Flight Centre Business School’s Training & Assessment Processes

Finding a Solution for Accredited Training in a Workplace Setting

Delivering on Flight Centre’s Quality Assurance Process for Training & Assessment

Flight Centre Travel Group faced challenges in managing their accredited training program for new starters including:

  • Cumbersome paper-based processes,
  • Difficulty tracking learner progress, and
  • Lack of efficiency

A few years into implementing Cloud Assess, the company experienced disruptions due to the COVID-19 pandemic, resulting in a need to adapt its training strategies to a rapidly changing environment.

Flight Centre

James Brushin, Product and Project Manager at Flight Centre Business School, underwent an extensive procurement process before selecting Cloud Assess. It became clear that their current Human Resources System couldn’t adequately support training across multiple locations, in conjunction with the business’s Training Partners and within the Australian Vocational Education and Training framework.

Cloud Assess emerged as the clear choice due to its tailored design for delivering and managing accredited training.

Instead of managing student records manually or relying on paper-based processes, Cloud Assess streamlines operations by digitising assessments, forms, workbooks, participant notes and feedback. This unified system accommodates Flight Centre’s various training requirements, including face-to-face delivery.

In addition to the improved delivery of assessment, Cloud Assess enabled the creation of customised forms to manage enrolment, progress tracking and compliance.

Cloud Assess’s reporting capabilities enable the flow of data into business reports, providing valuable insights into learner engagement and trainer productivity.

Flight Centre

The implementation of Cloud Assess resulted in significant improvements to Flight Centre’s training program. The transition from paper-based to digital processes saved time and resources, reducing manual tasks such as printing and physical document delivery but has created even more in terms of outcomes including:

Streamlined Assessment

Trainers and assessors no longer need to haul stacks of paper and cumbersome wheelie bags filled with paperwork. Now, they can assess students face-to-face using iPads or remotely via online assessments, resulting in a transformative change that James likened to night and day. Making a change to an assessment can take place at the click of a button with a clear audit trail, resulting in increased compliance and efficiency across the board.

Learner Experience

Learners benefit from increased accessibility to training materials and a more structured learning experience. Through Learner Journeys, which are automated journeys, Learners can run through their coursework seamlessly.

Data Collection

Forms & Custom Fields have played a crucial role in facilitating data collection, enabling the business to generate location- or intake-specific reports more effectively.


Cloud Assess’s reporting capabilities provide valuable data for tracking learner progress and identifying areas for improvement. The Data from Cloud Assess feeds into company reporting and provides a clear view to support business decisions.

Quality Assurance

By leveraging Cloud Assess’s Quality Checks feature, Flight Centre has significantly streamlined the process of verifying competency judgments, reducing manual workload and facilitating seamless collaboration between RTO partners and the Travel Group. This enhanced approach has bolstered Flight Centre’s quality assurance process, guaranteeing consistency and efficacy in training delivery.

In Summary

Despite challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, Flight Centre was able to adapt and continue delivering high-quality training to its employees. Overall, Cloud Assess empowered Flight Centre to modernise its training approach, improve efficiency and effectively navigate changing industry dynamics.

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