ISS Implements Cloud Assess to Deliver Compliant & Paperless Training & Assessment

ISS entered the Australian market in 2002 and the New Zealand market in 2005. Since then, ISS has become one of the Pacific’s leading facility service providers, boasting an extensive portfolio of over 400 customers. With around 17,000 service professionals working across all regions of Australia and New Zealand, ISS prioritises vocational training to ensure their workforce meets the highest standards.

ISS Case Study

“We love Cloud Assess because it has been incredibly reliable with zero downtime. It’s user-friendly and easy to set up, and the support team has been fantastic in helping us quickly implement new courses. This efficiency has allowed us to focus on improving our processes and delivering quality training.”

ISS Case Study
Stuart Blair

Head of Vocational Training

Stuart Blair, Head of Vocational Training for ISS Australia, oversees the Registered Training Organisation (RTO). The RTO primarily focuses on delivering vocational education, particularly Certificate II in Transport Security Protection, which is essential for staff working in security screening at Australian airports.


With a large and geographically dispersed workforce, ISS needed an efficient, scalable and compliant training solution. The primary challenges included:

  • Delivering consistent training and assessments nationwide.
  • Reducing administrative burden and paperwork.
  • Ensuring quick and effective onboarding and certification of new employees to meet employment conditions.
ISS Case Study

In 2019, ISS adopted Cloud Assess, an online platform designed specifically for the Australian RTO market and effective workplace training. This decision was driven by the need for a paperless assessment process and the ability to manage training across multiple locations.


Cloud Assess is utilised by ISS for the online theory components of their Certificate II program. The platform includes quizzes, questions and support webinars for students. The practical training is conducted at airport locations using real security equipment and trainers use iPads and notepads to complete observation checklists and capture online signatures for students.

Key features

  • Flexible Assessment Types – The ability to create practical and theory assessments.
  • Electronic Signatures – Completing assessments with both assessor and student signatures and dates.
  • Integration – Seamless integration of ISS’s Student Management System, PowerPro.
  • Realtime Support – National and local trainers ability to support students remotely through messaging and assessor feedback.
ISS Case Study

The use of Cloud Assess has yielded significant benefits for ISS Training:

  • Scalability – ISS has enrolled over 1,300 students each year since the qualification became mandatory in 2022, with over 1,000 completions annually.
  • Efficiency –  The streamlined process has minimised the need for administrative staff, allowing two administration staff, three national online trainers, and approximately ten local trainers to manage the workload.
  • Compliance – Cloud Assess helps maintain compliance with ASQA regulations and ensures all student records are centralised and easily accessible for audits.
  • Student Progress Tracking – The platform provides a national view of student progression, enabling ISS to monitor and report on key milestones and follow up with students to ensure timely completion.
  • Evolution and Integration – Cloud Assess has continuously evolved to meet ISS Training’s needs, with features like automatic enrolment into subsequent assessments and the introduction of the “Journeys” feature. This ongoing evolution helps ISS Training shave off unnecessary tasks, further optimising the training process.

Future Plans

ISS Training is looking to explore new free courses available on the Cloud Assess platform, which come with assessments that can be contextualised. Additionally, they are considering utilising the new skills matrix feature to allocate courses to staff members within an organisational structure.

ISS Case Study


ISS Australia’s adoption of Cloud Assess has transformed its training and assessment processes, enabling them to efficiently manage a large, dispersed workforce while maintaining high compliance and training standards. The platform’s ease of use, robust support and continuous evolution make it an indispensable tool for ISS Training’s operations.

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