Empowering Disadvantaged Communities: JobQuest’s Journey to Success with Cloud Assess

JobQuest was founded in 1987 to support disadvantaged individuals in Western Sydney. Initially focused on youth, it now aids long-term unemployed, people with disabilities and others. With operations in Western Sydney and Newcastle, their mission is to empower through skill development, community engagement, and networking. Their vision is to build a connected and inclusive community through empowered individuals.

Farina Diogo - VET Manager, JobQuest - Cloud Assess Case Study

Cloud Assess supports our compliance process. Quality Checks are built into the process. The information is ready for review and action saving us time and providing accurate insights.

Farina Diogo

VET Manager

JobQuest, an RTO based in Newcastle and Sydney, primarily serves disadvantaged and disengaged young people. Their traditional paper-based assessment system and later adoption of Google Classrooms were inadequate for their needs. They required a user-friendly solution that accommodated learners with digital literacy issues and staff unfamiliar with complex technology. The existing systems caused inefficiencies in managing assessments, tracking student progress and ensuring quality control.


Recognising the need for improvement, JobQuest transitioned to Cloud Assess, a Learning Management System (LMS) designed to simplify assessment processes. Cloud Assess offered a more streamlined approach to assessments, providing a digital platform that mirrored the simplicity of paper-based methods. This transition allowed for better control over assessment quality, streamlined processes and improved visibility into student progress.


The implementation of Cloud Assess brought significant benefits to JobQuest. They experienced:

Enhanced Quality Control: Cloud Assess enabled better quality checks, ensuring assessments were issued accurately and meeting standards.

Improved Visibility and Metrics: The system provided detailed metrics on assessment performance, allowing for targeted improvements in question design and validation processes.

Streamlined Processes: Cloud Assess streamlined assessment revision, version control and integration with their student management system, reducing administrative burden and improving efficiency.

Dedicated Support: The availability of a responsive help desk and technical support eased the transition and ongoing usage of Cloud Assess, ensuring smooth operations for staff.

Flexibility and Scalability: Integration with their existing student management system provided flexibility in managing assessments and student data, accommodating different cohorts and operational needs.

In Summary

Cloud Assess has become integral to JobQuest’s operations, supporting reporting requirements, process improvements and assessment design.

Overall, the transition to Cloud Assess not only addressed JobQuest’s immediate challenges with managing assessment and encouraging student engagement but also positioned them for future growth and success in serving disadvantaged youth effectively.

“Cloud Assess supports our compliance process. Quality Checks are built into the process. The information is ready for review and action saving us time and providing accurate insights.”

Farina Diogo, VET Manager


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