KKTC Powering the Student Experience With Cloud Assess

Kool Kids Training College (KKTC) has quickly grown to be a market leader in Early Childhood Education and Care Training in Australia. They know the enormous responsibility that comes with ‘educating educators’.

KKTC had a laborious process when it came to assessment. It was predominantly paper-based and this had many flaws including a lack of efficiency, transparency and ever-increasing cost. It also carried some risk as students could lose things and assessment questions could be missed. They knew they needed a cloud-based solution for training and assessment.

KKTC - Case Study - Cloud Assess

Sam Hendry, College Manager searched for solutions that could tick all the boxes to support KKTC’s predicted growth. Cloud Assess was the perfect fit for a number of reasons including that the solution was User Friendly and Fit-for-Purpose, unlike other generic solutions that didn’t allow for the capturing of practical skills in such a streamlined and efficient way.

Student Experience

KKTC are all about enhancing the student experience and having a solution like Cloud Assess supports this key area. The adaptable nature of assessments has ensured they can support their students whether they are face-to-face or working remotely. This in addition to the excellent communication tools like Messaging and Posts has really helped KKTC support and progress students with ease.

User Friendly

Compliance Manager, Adam Murphy states, “If you can use Facebook you can use Cloud Assess.” He feels it is such a user-friendly system, users login in and know what they are doing straight away, whether they are a school-aged student through to a return to work participant. The unique dashboards and navigation are what really drive this.


No longer is a student sat waiting for their assessments to be marked. “Things happen instantly”, states Trainer and Assessor, Jackie Atkins. The solution is extremely powerful when it comes to automating the flow of data and actions. For example, when a student has been awarded an outcome they receive an email and if they have not yet completed it, a new attempt can be released immediately reducing any downtime.

Data Security

With Cloud Assess you know you can access your work 24/7 and from anywhere. Sam states, “It’s great to be able to rest easy at night time knowing everything is safe and secure.”

Customer service

“Cloud Assess really know what they’re doing,” states Adam. “The Help Centre support is instant and the support from Alex and the Customer Service team is fantastic.”

“If you can use Facebook, you can use Cloud Assess. The solution is extremely powerful when it comes to automating the flow of data and actions.”

Since adopting Cloud Assess, KKTC has grown from humble beginnings in Queensland to now training for some of the biggest centre groups, along with many small to medium providers in QLD, NSW and Victoria. The solution has allowed them to continue business throughout the COVID lockdown restrictions and continue to grow and offer the best in student experience.

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