Large Global Fast Food Retailer Assesses in the Flow of Work

The transition from traditional paper-based training methods to digital platforms has been a significant shift in many industries, driven by the need for efficiency and compliance. In this case study, we explore how an organisation, renowned for its operational excellence in delivering fast food, tackled the challenges of transitioning its nationwide training network from manual paperwork to a digital platform.

The training department of the organisation, which consists of approximately 60 trainers and assessors located throughout Australia, encountered challenges due to inefficiencies and complexities in their paper-based system.

Tasks such as distributing assessment papers to various locations, ensuring error-free completion of assessments, and managing records upon their return to the head office proved to be time-consuming processes.

Managing assessments, records and compliance with regulatory standards set by the Australian Skills Quality Authority (ASQA) proved challenging and unsustainable.

Additionally, the business needed to have little to no downtime when training and needed to operate 24/7.

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To address these challenges, the organisation adopted Cloud Assess, a cloud-based platform designed to streamline training & assessment operations, in the flow of work.

Cloud Assess offers customisable user roles, flexible assessments and compliant collaboration features tailored to the organisation’s specific needs.

By leveraging these features, the organisation aimed to improve efficiency, engagement and compliance across its nationwide training network.

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The implementation of Cloud Assess yielded significant outcomes for the organisation:

Engagement: Since inception over 2,500 third-party stakeholders have actively participated in evidence-gathering and mentorship roles, enhancing engagement and support at all levels.

Environmental Impact: The transition to a digital platform resulted in substantial environmental benefits, including saving approximately 750 trees, 2,000 reams of paper, and 30 tons of paper.

Operational Efficiency: The organisation experienced reduced time to competency by eliminating barriers and time lags associated with manual paperwork, leading to improved operational efficiency.

In Summary
The successful implementation of Cloud Assess enabled the organisation to modernise its training practices and adapt to changing circumstances effectively.

By embracing digital solutions, the organisation achieved improved efficiency, engagement and environmental sustainability in its training and assessment operations on a Nationwide scale.

This case study highlights the importance of leveraging fit-for-purpose technology to address evolving training needs and drive operational excellence in today’s dynamic business environment.

“Our training didn’t stop during the pandemic, and that’s thanks to Cloud Assess.”

Justin Key, Systems Manager


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