Empowering Efficiency: Transforming Training at a Large Zoo

A large zoo in Australia, spanning nearly 1000 acres of land, employs over 500 staff and emphasises comprehensive training and development to ensure both professional growth and compliance. Recognising that the success of their operations hinges on the skills and knowledge of their workforce, they make substantial investments in these areas.

Large Zoo

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Training & Development Officer

A large zoo, faced challenges in efficiently training and onboarding its diverse staff of over 500, across multiple departments.

Initially relying on a paper-based system and attempting to use an LMS similar to Moodle without success, the zoo struggled to streamline its training processes.

There was a clear need for a more effective solution to manage training and development comprehensively.

Large Zoo

The Training & Development Officer, implemented Cloud Assess across three phases of training:

Phase 1: Recruitment and Onboarding
Cloud Assess was integrated into the recruitment process, allowing prospective employees to undergo basic onboarding covering workplace health and safety via eLearning modules and digital assessment. This ensured a smoother transition into the zoo’s operational environment.

Phase 2: Department-Specific Onboarding
Each department developed its onboarding program using Cloud Assess, tailored to provide new hires with the necessary skills and knowledge. This approach standardised training while accommodating department-specific needs, enhancing overall efficiency.

Phase 3: Continuing Education
Cloud Assess facilitated ongoing professional development through a variety of courses available to employees across different departments. This phase aimed to encourage cross-skilling and career progression, empowering staff to pursue interests beyond their initial roles.

Integration with Other Systems:
Cloud Assess is integrated with Flair for HR management and is planned for integration with Deputy for rostering purposes, enhancing operational synergy and efficiency.

Large Zoo

Since adopting Cloud Assess, the large zoo has seen significant improvements:

Enhanced Competency: Employees are more confident and proficient in their roles, evidenced by improved operational effectiveness, such as the competent use of walkie-talkies after targeted training.

Streamlined Training: The transition from paper-based to digital training has reduced administrative burden and improved training delivery speed.

Positive Feedback: Staff satisfaction with the training process has increased, evidenced by feedback indicating improved confidence and job satisfaction.

Free Courses: The availability of free courses within Cloud Assess has significantly benefited the zoo, saving time and resources while enriching staff training opportunities.

In Summary

Cloud Assess has been instrumental in transforming the large zoo’s training processes rapidly and effectively. Its user-friendly interface and robust support have facilitated seamless adoption and positive outcomes.

Cloud Assess has not only addressed the large zoo’s training challenges but has also contributed to a more skilled, confident and motivated workforce, crucial for maintaining high standards in animal care and visitor experience.

Large Zoo

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