Major Training Group Boosts Delivery Time by 66%

Major Training enhances the student experience and reduces enrolment turnaround from 2-3 days down to a day or less. 

Founded in 1998 in acknowledgement of the growing demand for skilled people within Queensland’s workforces, Major Training Group is a leading RTO based in South-East Queensland. Specialising in the Construction, Mining and Transport Industries they have local, regional, national and international clients.

Major lives up to its vision to be a trusted industry leader demonstrated by its continued commitment to training by evolving, engaging and maintaining their integrity.

This customer story is from Major Training’s Systems Administrator, Duncan Headford, who joined the company in 2018 and has been hands on in Cloud Assess ever since. Duncan came onboard after the solution was implemented but was aware of the process leading up to why Major turned to Cloud Assess for help.

As Major have many qualifications on scope, they had a need for an efficient online solution for training and assessing that could also accomodate face-to-face learning as well as eLearning.

Before finding Cloud Assess they were using 5 different systems for the many qualifications they had on scope. Enrolment was laborious and could take a couple of days to turn around and the myriad of systems were confusing to use. As a result they had backlogs of administrative tasks and inefficiencies within the learner journey from enrolment to completion.


As the senior team looked for a solution Duncan said, “The simplicity of Cloud Assess was a key factor in picking it as a solution.” The team found that in other Learning Management System’s (LMS) you have to click on a million things. “Creating resources is so easy. You can add questions, and update things at the click of a button or with a drag of a box.”


At Major there are several teams that need to use Cloud Assess to manage the Learner Journey. This includes: The Sales Team for Enrolment, the Client Services Team, Trainers and Assessors and Administrators and Managers. Duncan stated, “It’s a lot easier to use than other systems for everything from enrolment, authoring, training and assessment through to reporting.”


Cloud Assess provides the transparency they need when it comes to tracking student progress and assessor workload.

“The management team love it and so do I as we can see the status of things in real time for example, where a student is at with their progress or whether they have even logged in recently.”

Due to the off-the-shelf integration Cloud Assess has with Major Training’s Student Management System, the whole Learner journey is managed in Cloud Assess. The student experience at enrolment runs smoothly now and the turn around at enrolment has been reduced from 2-3 days down to a day or less. Learners now no longer need to log into multiple systems as they can enrol, train and assess all in the one system.

“What I find impressive is that your data flows at the click of a button. I recommend Cloud Assess to everyone. Cloud Assess has been the best LMS I have ever used.” – Duncan Headford, Major Training

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