Orbus3’s Transition to Cloud Assess – 10 Years Strong!

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Orbus3 - Testimonial - Cloud Assess Case Study

“Cloud Assess is user-friendly for both trainers and learners; if my CEO suggested another LMS, I’d resign.”

John Steel

Senior Trainer

Orbus3, a Registered Training Provider (RTO), faced significant challenges with traditional paper-based assessment methods due to the practical nature of training required in Civil Engineering. John Steel, Senior Trainer at Orbus3, highlighted the cumbersome nature of paper assessments, including the risk of losing documents and difficulty in tracking student progress. Additionally, the outdated methods hindered efficient reporting and required excessive printing, resulting in significant environmental impact.


Recognising the need for a digital solution, Orbus3 adopted Cloud Assess, a cloud-based learning management system (LMS), that supported the unique needs of the VET sector when it comes to assessment compliance. The transition to Cloud Assess provided a comprehensive platform for both theory and practical assessments, eliminating the need for physical paperwork. With Cloud Assess, trainers could easily access learning materials, create assessments, track student progress and provide feedback in real-time. The system also facilitated remote learning, allowing students to access materials and submit assessments from anywhere, improving flexibility and accessibility.


The adoption of Cloud Assess yielded several significant outcomes for Orbus3:

Improved Efficiency: The transition to digital assessments significantly reduced administrative burdens associated with paper-based processes. Trainers like John Steel appreciated the ease of use and efficiency of Cloud Assess, allowing them to focus more on teaching and less on paperwork.

Enhanced Student Experience: Cloud Assess provided a user-friendly interface for students, facilitating better engagement with learning materials and assessments. Despite initial apprehension from some tech-resistant students, the platform’s simplicity and accessibility led to widespread acceptance and positive feedback.

Streamlined Reporting: The robust reporting features of Cloud Assess enabled Orbus3 to track student progress, identify areas for improvement, and generate comprehensive reports for stakeholders. The timeline feature allowed trainers to monitor student activity and address any issues promptly, enhancing accountability and transparency.

Environmental Sustainability: By transitioning from paper-based assessments to a digital platform, Orbus3 significantly reduced its environmental footprint. They were presented with an award to recognise this and champion their efforts in running a sustainable assessment process without the impact of using paper.

Continuous Improvement: Cloud Assess’s commitment to ongoing development and support ensured that Orbus3 remained at the forefront of assessment technology. Regular updates and enhancements addressed user feedback, further optimising the platform’s functionality and user experience.

In Summary

Overall, Orbus3’s adoption of Cloud Assess represented a transformative shift towards modern, efficient, and sustainable assessment practices in the VET sector. The successful integration of digital assessment tools not only improved operational efficiency but also enriched the learning experience for students, positioning Orbus3 as a leader in vocational education and training.


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