Pacific National’s Search for an Assessment Management Solution

Pacific National is Australia’s largest private rail freight operator with over 3,000 employees and multiple locations across the country.

As a national organisation they need to ensure that they have robust processes in place to make sure that the training and development requirements of their workforce are met.

Pacific National faced challenges with the use of paper to track Verification of Competency (VOC). The management of paperwork was a convoluted job that was vital in ensuring that important documents were being delivered, saved and retained throughout the process. They also required a platform that could deliver assessments offline.

They realised an opportunity to improve their processes, so they reached out to Cloud Assess as a demonstrated Rail industry solution to going paperless.

1. Traditional Use of Paper

The costs associated with the traditional use of paper was ever increasing. There were issues with managing a paper trail, including the misplacement of paper.

2. Tracking Verification of Competency (VOC)

Manually keeping track of assessments introduced significant challenges including, delays in training, and tracking records of history and evidence. Not to mention, the need to process assessments in a securely and timely manner.

The team at Pacific National searched for a software solution that could deliver assessments both offline and online. Furthermore, they required a system that would be easy and accessible for everyone to use including on the go. Cloud Assess offered them a solution and more.

Consultative Onboarding & Continuous Support

During their onboarding journey, clear requirements were specified to ensure that the process was accurately defined and mapped, allowing for a more efficient and transparent process for the team. Their entire journey was supported by the Cloud Assess support team who have been by their side every step of the way.


The intuitive dashboard allows them to clearly see progress and priorities with actionable tasks one click away, keeping their workers on track without distraction. The team love the transparency and control that the platform provides them. It allows them to easily identify a Learners progress at a glance, offering them a robust solution for unique requirements.

Streamlining & Eliminating Double Handling

Cloud Assess provides Pacific National with a paperless solution that ensures compliance without compromising efficiency. This enables them to focus on delivering VOC assessments that ensures current standards are being met and they remain well equipped to follow industry safety practices.

With a fit-for-purpose paperless solution, Pacific National now have the ability to store, update and automate Verification of Competency for all their employees with ease and at scale, providing accurate record keeping that helps mitigate risk, reduce damage and save money.


Whilst researching systems, they found that other software providers did not appear to understand what they were trying to achieve with the data and information they needed to share amongst their systems. Cloud Assess ensured they could integrate with their HR system in order for them to leverage more streamlining benefits.

On the Job Training

Cloud Assess is designed to compliment a practical workplace where employees learn by doing and assessment takes place on the floor. This is because with Cloud Assess you can work anywhere, anytime and on any mobile device, even when there is no internet connection.

The offline capabilities are a significant feature in the delivery of assessments and is used daily by the team, where internet connection is not available.

Cyclical Assessment

Cyclical assessment is needed to support the re-training and refresher training of VOC components. The cyclical assessment process in Cloud Assess allows Pacific National to set an expiry of the VOC, track currency and plan retraining events as they approach expiry. The reporting available, from having such expiry managed in their system, is effective in ensuring coverage across the team and also a big benefit when it comes to the planning and forecasting of training needs.

As a result of using Cloud Assess, Pacific National has seen a huge reduction in the use of paper which has resulted in increased efficiencies in processes. Due to the reduction in processing paper, they were able to decrease administrative tasks and reallocate training team experts to assist with ongoing business operations.

The platform has allowed their team to conduct VOC assessment in the workplace, at any time anywhere. It has been described as a game changer, the removal of paper and the control of training requirements of their workforce has been a stand out for Pacific National.

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