PST Delivers Online Assessment for VETiS

Prestige Service Training (PST) was ramping up its enrolment and reached out to Cloud Assess as a Solution to support their demand.

PST is a leading provider of exceptional, nationally recognised learning solutions, that meet the highest standards of excellence. As a Registered Training Organisation (RTO) they offer Vocational Education and Training in Schools (VETiS) qualifications from Certificate III to Diploma. They deliver to individual learners as well as through schools and businesses.

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PST was on the brink of a ramp-up in enrolment of their Diploma in Business and needed a solution that could support this rapid demand on resources.

The traditional use of paper could not support this as the amounts of paper would be too hard to manage in the timescale required. Paperwork was being temporarily misplaced and the limitations of storing paperwork both electronically and printed were causing issues, including privacy concerns.

Tracy Kearney, CEO and RTO Manager at PST, realised the drawbacks of other RTO software they were using were causing issues including lack of transparency. Overall the inefficiencies of paper from the relentless administrative tasks to the insurmountable costs gave Tracy the need to look for a better solution.

“Our Assessors say, we wouldn’t be able to do what we do without Cloud Assess.”

– Tracy Kearney, CEO and RTO Manager, PST

The PST team searched for an online assessment solution that could support their ramp up demands, plus allow for ease of access for their learners connecting them and everyone else to the same set of records in a secure environment.

Quick and Efficient Implementation

From demonstration, to trial to implementation. The turn around for the team at PST was rapid and well managed. This allowed them to ramp up their enrolments by 500% in the first 3 months of using the assessment platform. Tracy stated, “Our experience implementing Cloud Assess has been a huge success. The team have really enjoyed the flexibility the solution provides them.”

Ease of Access

In many cases PST deliver their qualifications and accredit VET in Schools. The VET Manager at the school requires access to student records at any given time, so PST provide them with a specific User Profile within Cloud Assess so that they have everything they need in real time. The Training Manager and contacts at the school love the transparency and control this provides them. They have a clear understanding of each learners’ journey right at their fingertips. For example, they can see what is happening at any given time for any student by viewing the dashboard and the assessment records. They can also access a chronological history of communications and actions through the Timeline. As Cloud Assess can be accessed anywhere and on any device, assessors are able to perform tasks including marking, whenever they have downtime in between training. In turn, the students receive a faster turn around of feedback.

Streamlining process

Cloud Assess is enhancing the overall assessment experience for both the assessor and trainer as well as the students and schools. Everything can happen instantly once an action has happened. For example, feedback can be effortlessly and efficiently administered through the use of Workflows in the system. The students are able to move through their qualification at a consistent and sustainable pace.


All of the team and students have a unique user role which means everyone can see up to date details of progress. As the RTO Manager, Tracy loves that she can easily see where trainers are with their marking when students last logged in and the overall throughput of assessments.

As a result of using Cloud Assess, the RTO has seen a reduction in the use of paper which has freed their assessors from laborious administration tasks. Alongside this benefit, the assessors feel like they have more time and flexibility so can run students through their assessments seamlessly.

As an RTO Manager, Tracy has more transparency across the qualification and has reduced costs per enrolled student. She loves how her assessors can mark, distribute, and provide feedback anywhere and anytime. Subsequently, students are kept engaged through a seamless and streamlined learning experience. PST’s clients, including schools, love the control and ease of access Cloud Assess provides.

The solution is a win, win, win!

“Our experience implementing Cloud Assess has been a huge success. The team have really enjoyed the flexibility the solution provides them.”

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