Prestige Service Training Use Real-Time Tracking to Increase Enrolments by 500%

Prestige Service Training had a problem with paperwork that was stifling their business. Cloud Assess helped to increase efficiency in their RTO. In an RTO, not only do administrators need to ensure the business is organised and runs smoothly, they must ensure processes are aligned with the Standards for RTOs 2015. We caught up with Prestige Service Training’s Compliance Administrator, Stephanie Kells, to find out what her job was like pre and post using Cloud Assess.

Prestige Service Training - Case Study - Cloud Assess

The Administrative team found that paperwork was causing too many inefficiencies to their process. Trying to receive forms, assessments, surveys etc, back from students, with their signatures, was a challenge. The team couldn’t sign off on some units until they received signatures. In some instances, a member of the team had to travel to physically see them. This put a great burden on timescales and meant things couldn’t always happen when they needed them to.

On a day to day basis, administering tonnes of paper and getting feedback to students (without losing the pieces of paper that they had been given) is convoluted at the best of times. Keeping track of all of the assessments manually was also tricky as they had to be processed securely and timely.

Cloud Assess is a truly paperless solution. It removes time spent printing, scanning, filing, uploading, sending and storing documents.

In addition, every assessment is retained forever with an exportable timeline, (to keep auditors happy) so there is no need to worry about losing files or having to search helplessly for them. They are all retained securely in the cloud, accessible anywhere, anytime.

It provides many benefits to administrators as everything associated with the student, their course and trainer or assessor can be managed in the one place. The biggest advantages for Stephanie are as follows:


There is no more driving around trying to get information from students. Stephanie stated, “Using the Dashboard and Student Timeline, we can monitor student’s progress in real time.” If there is anything missing, students can easily login to Cloud Assess from anywhere and at anytime to provide the required information – even signatures. Stephanie is able to easily identify workloads with real-time data and provide intel when required.


By removing paper and the time-lags that used to occur, PST were able to increase enrolments by 500% in the first 3 months.

There are several tools that increase efficiency including Workflows. Setting these up is a breeze then they do all of the legwork. Laborious or repetitive tasks can be automated driving productivity gains that paper couldn’t match.

Gathering and managing information is extremely efficient. With Cloud Assess you can create any digital form e.g. feedback, student appeals, industry consultation. The sky is the limit! Online enrolment forms can be embedded into your website for a seamless flow of data. An awesome time-saving feature, Forms allow you to capture information without double handling.

Using Workflow and Forms, gather vital information from your students, communicate, and integrate with other systems. This keeps your process moving and ensures nothing is forgotten.

A productive way of reviewing prescribed sample rates of records is with the unique and powerful Quality Checks tool. You can approve or reject resulted assessments, units or processed forms and track stakeholder dialogue. You can ensure your requirements are in check before being finalised.


The app is easily accessible on any electronic device and everything you need as an administrator is at your finger tips. No more accessing files from different locations.

Stephanie particularly thinks the accessibility is great for the student experience stating, “It allows our students to have work flexibly on their units on almost any device from anywhere. I have had students on holidays overseas completing components, which is ideal for those who fall behind.”

Stephanie states, “It is easy to find things in Cloud Assess and it is even more visually appealing since the latest release.”


Cloud Assess puts the control back into our hands. With being able to organise all of the materials in the one place and manage revision control of assessments, due dates and assessor workloads it drives efficiencies for everyone.

There is even a “Chat” service that Cloud Assess offer. If you do get stuck you can send them a message and they respond instantly.

Stephanie feels that using Cloud Assess provides them with the tools they need to see real time information within their RTO and provide an excellent student experience to their learners. In addition, wherever she needs support or advice on how Cloud Assess can support their needs she has been extremely satisfied stating, “I have had excellent support when I have asked my millions of questions. It is fast and efficient and available every time that I have messaged and that includes random hours of operation.”

“If I were to describe Cloud Assess in 3 words I’d say, efficient – accessible – convenient.”

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