Sydney Theatre School Reduces Compliance Risk

The Sydney Theatre School (STS) needed a fit-for-purpose solution to streamline their processes and reduce compliance risk. Enter Cloud Assess.

STS became an accredited RTO in 2008. As they grew and became VET fee help approved, they realised they needed the systems behind them to support compliant processes.

The qualifications within the arts are based upon vast amounts of performance evidence gathering. STS were gathering information using online storage systems and printing documentation. All too often handouts would get lost and large volumes of learners would call in unable to find assessment information.

After an audit they found areas in which they needed to improve their process and so the Head of School set about looking for a system where everything could be created, stored and managed in one place.

Cloud Assess ticked all the boxes from efficiency, sustainability and compliance standpoints. From the start, the assessment tool could easily be formatted to suit their needs, particularly in gathering large amounts of performance evidence. Stakeholders became empowered with access to all data from assessment outcomes to documents and feedback.

STS found they could effortlessly structure their assessment process in a compliant way. The RTO Manager found it comforting to know all evidence and legislative requirements were in one central place. The team became more productive and most importantly, students became more engaged as they accessed the same system and the same set of records through an intuitive interface. Cloud Assess ensured transparency and access to information anytime, anywhere.

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