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Address Skill Gaps

Cloud Assess is like an LMS but better! Designed to keep the passion alive in education and training, access industry-led features to support your requirements and create great outcomes.

Improve compliance for audits

Online enrolment

Automation & learner journeys

SCORM (no additional costs)

API & 3rd Party Integrations

Online & offline

Your End-to-End
Learning &  Assessment Platform


Have total visibility of how your assessments or clusters are meeting the requirements of Validity and Sufficiency. Analyse student submissions for skills gaps or training needs in seconds, saving you hours.

Revision Control

To ensure reliability, Cloud Assess has a unique revision control engine which means you can ensure your learners have the right version assessment at the right time.

Quality Checks

Check that all records are complete and in some instances qualify for funding. In addition create sample sizes as a means of Validation.


With the Timeline you see a visual record of student access, due dates, submissions, retained attempt history, which can also be exported to Excel.


As a solution that facilitates the assessment process, authenticity is considered throughout the app allowing assessors & facilitators to gather evidence face-to-face, build in acknowledgement forms and even capture electronic signatures, audio and video.

Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL)

With RPL powered by Cloud Assess you can define and control every step of the process to ensure requirements are met and evidence maps to every unit.

Observation Checks

Create observation checklists with the drag and drop editor. Include hidden assessor instructions and create infinite templates to suit your needs.

Evidence Portfolios

Consolidate the work your learners have carried out into cohesive Evidence Portfolios.

Log Books

Streamline the recording of your participants’ time spent on tasks in the fully digital and mobile Log Book solution. The robust solution enables this process to be repeatable, efficient and saves on storage (or lost records!).

3rd Party Logins

Ensure compliance and collaboration by creating 3rd party logins for supervisors to gather evidence and parents to track learner progress.

Offline Friendly

No internet connection? No problem. With the Mobile App you can check records out, work on them remotely and then sync when back in range.


Communicate in a timely manner with your students throughout their learner journey by setting up workflows.


The power of integration and automation saves you oodles of time! Think auto enrolments, live resulting and more.


Communicate with branded emails to ensure your process never stands still.


Online forms are powerful, but even more so when automated! Create Student Survey’s, Feedback Forms, Enrolment Forms and more to be sent out when you require.


Allocate and track SCORM objects through the learners lifecycle.


Get going quickly by plugging in your external LTI tools from within Cloud Assess.


Create an engaging experience by uploading your HTML content right where you want your learners to consume it.


We all love watching videos on demand and your learners or participants are no different. Embed your videos or link to where they are hosted. It’s your shout!

Resource Library

Allow your learners to access a range of resources when they need it in the aptly named Resources Library.

Learner App

Designed with your users at the forefront, take a look at the progressive new app designed to create the best experience for your learners.


From the moment your learners log in, they will clearly see progress and priorities, with actionable tasks 1 click away. The frictionless interface means you can keep your learners on track with little distraction. They can effortlessly navigate from the dashboard to their course and get going quickly.


Connect to your learners with a slick and engaging process to keep them on track. Give your assessors control over their schedules and resources. Check out the Cloud Assess Calendar.


It’s never been easier to communicate with your learners. Never lose another email chain of correspondence between your assessor and learner.


Plus the Feature List Just Keeps on Growing

Like a Learning Management System but with no restrictions or compromise when it comes to Training and Assessment
for Vocational Education and Workplace Skills training.

Training & Assessment

  • Flexible Authoring
  • Mapping
  • Assessment Centre
  • Third Party Users
  • Revision Control
  • Resource Library
  • SCORM Compliant

Learner Experience

  • Learner App
  • Learner and Record Timeline
  • Announcements and Email
  • Digital Forms
  • Paths
  • Mobile App
  • Communication Tools


  • Course and User Management
  • Live Reports
  • 2 Factors Authentication
  • Webforms
  • Automation
  • Exports and Bulk Actions
  • Branding

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Use Cloud Assess with the software you already use. Integrate with various HR &
Student Management Systems, payment systems & CRMs.

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