Get Compliance Peace
of Mind

Stay compliant by ensuring your assessments meet the standards
of quality and authenticity.

Ensure Compliance - Training & Assessments - Cloud Assess


Streamline Your
Quality Assurance Process

Sample Rates

Set up the percentage of the assignment that requires a manual quality check review to ensure fairness.

Quality Check List

See the list of records that require your attention based on your quality assurance settings.


Check if assessments, forms and units meet requirements before an outcome is awarded.


Collect Evidence of Completed Assignments

Evidence Upload

Collect additional evidence of completing the task in photo, audio or video format.

Audit Trail

See a record of student access, due dates, submissions, and retained attempt history.

Log Books

Let your learners log in time spent on each task and track their progress against training plan targets.


Verify the assessment submission or completion by providing an electronic signature.


Ensure Authenticity of Your Training

Revision Control

Ensure your learners have the right version of the assessment at the right time. No more confusion with the outdated versions of the tasks.


Map learners’ performance to see how it relates to the pre-defined unit criteria.

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